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Everything needs to be cleaned or replaced at some point.  The question is “when?”.  Some item’s time for cleaning and replacing is more obvious than others.  Here are a few household items that need to be replaced and cleaned more often than you think.

Your Toothbrush

Cleaning millions of bacteria daily can wear on that little toothbrush of yours.  Many people keep the same toothbrush for double the amount of time they are suppose to.  According to Colgate.com you should replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months.


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Your Air filter

When people clean their home they often use their senses of sight, smell, and touch to guide them to what needs to be cleaned.  Although, one of the most important things that needs cleaning cannot be seen or touched, the air.  Air filters are vital to the health and safety of the occupants of your home.  According to serviceexperts.com, you should change your filter every 90 days if you do not have pets, every 60 days with a pet, and every 45 days with multiple pets.


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Dish Sponge

Think about how much you clean with your sponge.  It is one of the household items that is used most daily.  According to Thedailymail.com, studies have shown that your sponge is 200,000 times dirtier than your toilet seat.  So how often should you replace it?  According to Angieslist you should replace your dish sponge once a month.



Your Mattress

Bed sheets and pillow cases are often cleaned weekly, but how often should you clean your mattress?  CNN says that you should clean your mattress every six months. The Tempur-pedic mattress store in Las Vegas says that mattresses have a 10 year warranty so it’s recommended that they be replaced every 10 years while other mattresses may need to be replaced as often as every 6 years.


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Your Oven

Most people clean the top of their stove weekly, but they forget to clean what is inside.  Your oven, like a microwave, is prone to the splatters of the delicious food that you prepare.  You do not have to clean it every week, but you should not neglect it entirely.  Today.com advises that you should clean your oven, “at least every three to six months.”


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Your Carpet

Although vacuuming helps, it is advised by many carpet cleaning experts, that you should have your carpet deep cleaned every 12 months.