If you are hiking for more than one night or you like a little luxury but don’t mind the extra burden, then the moderate luxury pack may be your way to go.

Moderate Luxury Pack

  1. Large pack- Try the Gregory Baltoro 65 Pack. This bad boy won the Backpacker magazine 2015 Editor’s Choice Gold Award. It is a little pricier but not bad in comparison with other more expensive packs.

    [caption id=“attachment_9410” align=“aligncenter” width=“333”]a3240cdc-bb3b-4c3c-9570-06cc91a1ec7d via rei.com[/caption]

  2. Cooking Stove- Its up to you and how many you have in your group, but I still recommend the Pocket Rocket and Isopro fuel canister from MSR. But if you want something bigger, then there are larger devices and units available. It will just depend on what your needs and expectations will be.

  3. Hydra pack and water filter- For a water filter I recommend on a hike that may be more than one night, a MSR Miniworks EX Water Filter. It is not a bad price and can last for years.

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  4. Food- If you want to live it up or you will be gone for more than one night you might want to look into some other food options besides just the Mountain House envelopes. They are still a good option , but if you want luxury and you don’t mind the weight then canned delicacies might be something you want to lug along. Make sure you have a can opener and if you are in bear country make sure you know how to properly store the food.

  5. Sleeping Bag- You definitely want an ultra light option. See the Light Fun Pack.

  6. Sleeping Mat- See the Light Fun Pack.

  7. Flashlight and Lantern- If you are going to be gone more than one night it might be worth bringing a small lantern. The Black Diamond Apollo Lantern might be a good option for you.

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  8. First Aid Kit- Don’t Forget this!

  9. Extra Clothes- For more than one night you will definitely want one change of clothes in case you get wet or worse.

  10. Knife- Don’t forget a blade and you might want some paracord. You might try the Gerber LMF II Survival Knife.

    [caption id=“attachment_9413” align=“aligncenter” width=“660”]LMF_II_Infantry_-_Black-660x330 Gerber[/caption]

  11. Lighter and Fire Starter- Make sure you have this!

  12. Jacket and Map- If out for more than one day you will definitely want a waterproof jacket.

  13. Fun Stuff- Don’t forget those items to make your trip more enjoyable.

  14. Tent- For a few nights you might want to stick with an actual one man or two man tent. Give yourself some room to sprawl out.

  15. Wifi- Since this is the luxury pack, then it only makes since to include your laptop and a wifi booster.

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