It’s 2019 and the vast majority of businesses have a website. Whether this online presence exists simply to provide potential customers with information, or if it also provides ecommerce functionality, websites act as a quick and easy way of showcasing products and services to millions of potential customers.

However, an increasing number of businesses are relying to a greater extent on their website for sales. In an age of convenience, people are turning away from high street shops, and are instead making their purchases online. This is helping e-commerce businesses to grow.

One of the many benefits of having an online business is the fact that your shop is open to the world 24/7 - but there’s no need for the shopkeeper to be present at all times for the sales to keep coming through - a dream for any businessman!

But if there’s no-one constantly monitoring your website, what if something goes wrong?

In the event of a power cut

Is Your Online Business Protected?

What would be the impact of a power cut be on your online business?

Loss of sales? Loss of reputation? Damage to your entire business?

Is it worth risking the potential consequences?

You need a reliable solution that will keep the lights on in your online business - even when everybody else is in the dark. Generators - such as those provided by SGS Engineering - provide a viable solution for almost any business who wants to protect their online presence.

Modern Generators: Finding the Right Alternative Power Source for Your Needs

It is vital to get the right alternative power source for your business’ requirements.

Here are some features of many modern generators.

  • A Stable, Clean Power Supply: This is particularly important when providing power to sensitive or expensive electronic equipment.
  • Remote Monitoring: This gives business owners the ability to check on the state of their power supply and take control of it - wherever they are in the world - by using WiFi or GSM.
  • Power Failure Detection: An Automatic Transfer Switch can be fitted to your power supply to detect a loss of power and start up the generator. The system automatically switches the power supply between mains and generator supply as and when required

Will Your Business Keep its Lights On?

Ultimately, running any business can be stressful, and at times risky. That’s why you need to mitigate any major risks to the successful running of your operation - no matter how unlikely you may perceive them to be.

Having the right backup power solution installed will give you the peace of mind that the lights of your online business will continue to shine through any power supply problems.

And remote monitoring systems will give you additional peace of mind that you have the power - wherever you are in the world!

Has your business fallen victim to a power supply problem? What were the consequences?