Promotion is your bread and butter when you have your own business. When making promotional materials, you have a difficult choice to make, even beyond the kinds of promotional materials you will need. Your biggest choice might actually be on how to get it done properly and in a timely way.

There are lots of promotional materials you can put together, and doing this properly takes time and effort. In some ways, it makes far more sense to figure out which company to outsource to. You need one with solid traits, and that hopefully will work with your budget, to maximize your return on investment.

In-House… Just Not Yours

A lot of times, entrepreneurs are do-it-yourselfers who want to do everything they possibly can themselves. This trait helps at the beginning of many businesses, but it can become a hindrance fairly early on. Keeping everything in your own house can lead to too much interference half way through the creative process. It can result in focusing on the wrong parts of the business.

Sometimes, keeping things ‘in house’ means you need to find a company that handles the entire process, from the beginning through the end. You want something designed, and you have a basic sketch and an idea of what you want. So you take it to the designer and get a couple of early proofs to pick from. From there, the printers take over; making sure everything fits and looks good. Finally, the finished products are put through quality control, so you can be confident that everything printed as it was intended to be.

Working with one company means having one accountability partner. And this is far easier to keep track of than trying to capture a buck being passed among other companies. When a company is within one unit, if something goes wrong, they can simply take responsibility and fix it. A lot of problems can be avoided this way.

Timeliness and Getting It Done

Another great thing about print that now that so many companies lack is the sense of timeliness. As you work with several companies, everyone can end up becoming dependent on one slow mover. When any part of an entire chain can get caught, the entire chain grinds to a halt. The process gets a lot faster when the entire chain is within one building.

There is also a lot less messaging or calling around. When one company is all you are working with on your promotional items, there is only one point of contact who will work with everyone else involved. With fewer points of contact, you can be more assured of results.

Trusting the Right Group

Print That Now is a single company that handles virtually any kind of promotional items you need to be created. This creation comes from initial design work all the way to ensuring that the finished products look great. This frees you up to run your company, confident in the knowledge that your promotional materials will get your name out there, and help you be who customers turn to for what you do best.