After a workout or a hard day at work, it might seem like there is no way to truly relax. For many years, however, many have taken to Saunas and Steam Rooms to help them relax and rid themselves of weight, toxins, and fat. So which one is better to achieve these effects and do they even work?

I have to begin by stating that the claim of the steam room and sauna to rid the body of weight, toxins, and fat is one of the most abundant myths today and is clearly renounced by science. The assertion by many in the industry is that by sweating, which is the primary purpose of these two devices, you will release fat and/or toxins from your body. This is simply not true. First, we must understand that your body has two organs that clean your body of toxins from the time they enter your body. These two organs are the Liver and Kidneys. There is no “Whoops they got past me, so I hope they sweat them out…”

Second, we know from lab tests that the only thing expelled from the body in sweat are electrolytes which includes salt. It is essential for athletes to recognize this fact. When performing an intense workout it is best not to drink too much water, but to drink sports drinks which will replenish the electrolytes. People have died from exercising and drinking excessive amounts of water. Sweating is a response to excess heat in the body. Thus, your body releases sweat to help your body cool down. By creating a liquid that sits on your skin, it evaporates quickly, which causes a chilling effect on your skin cooling down the blood that runs through your veins. This principle is the reason why if you are in front of a fan while you exercise or outside in a fresh breeze the wind feels so good because it is evaporating the sweat much more quickly by producing a more efficient cooling effect. So now that we are clear that by sweating you are not ridding your body of any toxins or fatty weight, then are there any benefits to a Sauna or Steam Room?

The Sauna is, of course, a dry heat that will allow your body to sweat in an arid environment and thus theoretically cool down your inside body temperature faster. The only problem with this is that you are heating up your interior body temperature and thereby feeding your inner core’s heat problem.

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The Steam Room is my favorite because it is a wet heat that envelopes you and creates a relaxing effect. The Steam Room is also great for people who have sinus and bronchial issues since as the hot vapor fills your respiratory system it does have a bit of a cleansing effect. However, those with asthma and other severe respiratory issues should avoid the steam room.

So here is what we can take away from this-

  • Saunas and Steam Rooms are great for muscle relaxing especially after a workout.
  • They produce extreme heat so those with heart conditions or pregnancy should avoid them or at least consult your doctor.
  • My vote for best is the steam room because it is very relaxing and helps to clear the sinuses and lungs.

*Remember the best toxin cleanse is a colon cleanse