Happy President’s Day! What? How can you celebrate President’s Day? You may be on of the lucky ones that have a day off from school or work. What should you do? Here are some great ideas-

  1. Watch some documentaries- There are many great documentaries that you can watch. Check some out about American history or the Presidents.[embed]https://youtu.be/4LewUmfXfmM\[/embed\]
  2. Watch some movies or television about Presidents- Shows like Dave, The American President, The West Wing, Madam Secretary, Veep, Olympus Has Fallen, Independence Day, and Air Force One.
  3. Make a Patriotic Slushy- All you need is crushed ice, Blue Raspberry Syrup, Cherry Syrup, and Lemon Syrup- Put the lemon in the bottom layer of ice, then insert more ice. Gently pour in the Blue Raspberry syrup, then insert more ice. Gently top the slushy off with cherry syrup and enjoy!
  4. To celebrate Washington’s Birthday- indulge in a cherry pie.
  5. Memorize all of the Presidents in order- WooHoo!
  6. Have one of these drinks to celebrate your favorite president. This is their favorite drink-
  • Washington- Dark Porter
  • John Adams- Hard Cider
  • Jefferson- Wine
  • Madison- Champagne
  • Monroe- Burgundy
  • JQ Adams- Madeira
  • Andrew Jackson- Whiskey
  • Van Buren- Whiskey or Schiedam
  • WH Harrison- Hard Cider
  • Tyler- Champagne
  • Polk- Wine or Brandy
  • Taylor- Whiskey
  • Fillmore- Madeira
  • Pierce- Pretty much anything, he was our drunkest President!
  • Buchanan- Madeira or Sherry
  • Lincoln- Rarely drank…have a soda!
  • Andrew Johnson- Whiskey
  • Grant- Anything- He once has a bill for $1800.00 worth of champagne in 19th Century Dollars.
  • Hayes- Rum
  • Garfield- Beer
  • Cleveland- Beer
  • Benjamin Harrison- He was dry- Have a soda! Must be an Indiana thing.
  • McKinley- McKinley’s Delight- 3 oz. Rye Whiskey, 1 oz. Sweet Vermouth, 2 dashes of Cherry Brandy, 1 dash absinthe
  • Teddy Roosevelt- Mint Julep
  • Taft- Champagne
  • Wilson- Scotch, Baby!
  • Harding- Whiskey
  • Coolidge- Tokay Wine
  • Hoover- Martini
  • FDR- Gin Martini
  • Truman- Bourbon
  • Eisenhower- Scotch
  • JFK- Pretty much anything, especially Heineken
  • LBJ- Scotch
  • Nixon- Chateau Lafite Rothschild
  • Ford- Martini
  • Carter- Wine
  • Reagan- Wine
  • GHW Bush- Beer and Vodka Martini
  • Clinton- Snakebite…8 oz. hard cider, 8 oz. lager beer
  • GW Bush- A Reforming Alcoholic…Drink a soda!
  • Obama- Beer
  • Trump- Drink a Soda! He claims he has never had a drink of Alcohol.

7. Visit a Presidential or Historical Museum- There is nothing better than celebrating the day of the Presidents by learning.