Just like white men, most black men suffer from post-shave irritation. This is why you need to learn how to shave properly and avoid any issues like that. One of the first things you can do is to choose electric shavers which work best for black men and use those as often as possible. There are some other tips to keep in mind, you can find everything below.

Opt for the Best electric shavers for black men

You can always shave properly if you have top quality electric shavers for your skin type. You can find a good unit for yourself on 10BestRanked.com. The idea is to study your needs and pick a unit that falls within your budget. Remember, a good electric shaver will always cost a little bit, so don’t hesitate to pay a bit more for quality.

Avoid shaving close to the skin

One of the reasons why you deal with irritation is because you shave too close to your skin. This process can lead to your hair getting trapped, and that will cause irritation very fast. That’s why you need to acquire the best electric shavers for black men, as they won’t go too close to the skin.

Wet your skin before shaving

If you use an electric razor, your model might not require such a thing. But if you use a regular razor for shaving, this is pretty much necessary. Water helps open up pores, and it will also soften your hair. This makes the entire shaving process faster and less challenging.

Replace blades after using them 4-5 times

Sure, you can reuse a blade dozens of times. The problem is that blades accumulate bacteria, and the more you reuse them, the higher the chances you will deal with skin infections. That’s especially true for black men that have a very sensitive facial skin.

Don’t shave every day

It seems that you keep your beard under control, but what this does is it traps your facial hair inside follicles. The short hair will grow back into the skin, and that’s one of the main things you want to avoid with stuff like that.

Pick the right shaving direction

Ideally, you want to shave in the direction that your hair is growing right now. Reverse shaving will eventually lead to razor burns as it pulls the skin.

Use a moisturizer after shaving

The moisturizer allows you to soothe your skin after shaving. That’s why everyone recommends an aftershave solution because it helps your skin deal with all the hassle naturally. It will also prevent infections and razor burns too, so keep that in mind!

All these great shaving tips will make it easier for you to shave adequately and without any problems. We encourage you to find and use only quality electric shavers for black men if possible, as those will help you stay away from razor burns, infections and irritations. Do keep in mind that a trial and error approach works great here since you will get to figure out what solution delivers the most value for your skin. Not every electric razor might be suitable for a black man, so you have to study the market and our link above to identify the best option for your money!