Your time is important, and the minutes or hours you spend traveling to and from work every day can really add up. Being more mindful on your walk, bus ride, or drive can make each day more productive, so take advantage of that time with some of the ideas below. (Please note that not all of the ideas below will be suitable for drivers.)

1. Start reading your emails.

Get your inbox cleared even before arriving to the office! Even if you’re not able to read and respond to every single email during your commute, you can put a significant dent into the number of unread emails that would greet you at your desk otherwise.

2. Create your daily to-do list.


Your commute is the perfect time to visualize what you want your day to look like and what you want to get accomplished. Prioritize your daily goals in a to-do list and refer back to your list throughout the day.

3. Listen to an audiobook or read.

You’d be surprised with how many books you can listen or read through within a year just by dedicating your commute time to them. Familiarize yourself with new authors or revisit old favorites.

4. Learn a new language.


Mastering a new language takes a lot of dedication, and practicing it every day is especially important. You can use the time to work through exercises on a language-learning app, listen to lessons, or call up a native speaker.

5. Follow a new podcast.

Entertaining and informative, podcasts can teach you something new or give you a different perspective on a wide variety of subjects each and every time.

Your time is limited - use it wisely!