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Small Ways To Save Money: Part 1

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Small Ways To Save Money: Part 1

Who doesn’t love to save money?  People believe that the shortcuts to saving money are few and far between.  The truth is there are small everyday things that can save you quite a bit of money.  That little bit everyday you save through doing these things can add up!  Here is a list of those money saving activities:
Changing bank accounts for perks and accounts that earn more interest
There are quite a few banks out there that charge you monthly fees for you to have a checking or saving account.  One way you can save money is switching to a bank that not only offers sign up bonuses, but also have accounts that have good interest rates.  There are even banks that offer free checking and savings accounts.

Save on electricity
You would be surprised how much energy and money your electronics can be using and costing you.  Some great ways to cut the cost of your monthly bills are cutting back on how much television you watch and turning off lights when you leave the room.  You can even substitute turning on lights by lighting candles instead!

Selling your old stuff
People tend to collect and hoard clothes and items over time.  One way you can make money is by selling your old clothes and memorabilia.  You can make major profit off of having a yard sale or selling your clothes back to stores like Buffalo Exchange.

Writing a shopping list
Everyone knows the feeling of going into Target and coming out with 10 things that they did not need.  Writing a list before going into a store or going grocery shopping will help you from buying things you do not need and overspending.  This is a good money saving habit that you should adopt on your next trip to the store.

Invite people over instead of going out
People that have a fear of missing out end up paying the price when it comes to their finances.  Instead of going out with your friends multiple times a week, break it up by inviting them to your home for a night in.


Drink Water
Whether you are out at a restaurant or are at the grocery store, buying sodas and fruity drinks cost a pretty penny.  You can save hundreds of dollars a year by drinking tap water.  Your body and your wallet will thank you in the long run.

Budget to put a little in savings every month
A little goes a long way in regards to putting money into your savings monthly or biweekly.  When making a budget, try to put a small portion into your savings every month.  This habit will benefit you in the long run.

These are just a few small things you can be doing daily to save money.  In Part 2 of this series, there will be even more small but effective ways to keep your wallet a little more full each month.
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