By now, you probably have read a lot about e-cigarettes. These are reusable cigarettes that use a battery to heat e-juice to produce a vapor that is inhaled. Since their introduction a few decades ago, they have caused a mixed reaction in both ordinary people and researchers despite their wide acceptance in Europe and North America. Some countries have declared them illegal while still allowing the sale of regular cigarettes. The only way to clear up the issues surrounding e-cigarettes is to explain the myths that have been spread and determine whether or not they are true. Read about some of them in this post.

E-Cigarettes Are Unhealthy

This myth has even confused some authorities and led them to ban the sale of these devices. With many people thinking that these devices affect health more than regular tobacco cigarettes, the acceptance rate has not been as significant as expected. Scientific research, however, shows that e-cigarettes are over 500 times healthier than smoking standard tobacco cigarettes. This is because the e-juice is precisely prepared in the lab using food-grade ingredients that are not harmful to health.

E-Cigarettes Are Not Safe

Still, a large number of people around the world are loyal to regular tobacco cigarettes because they think that e-cigs are not safe. The greatest fear is that they could explode during use. Others consider them to be a possible source of a fire. What they do not know is that the devices use high-quality materials for parts like the battery and atomizers. They are also equipped with safety features like warning lights and automated off buttons. According to experts from the Epuffer website, e-cig pens and vaping devices are safer than typical cigarettes when used as intended.

E-Cigarette Vapor Is the Same as Smoke

It is unfortunate that people think that vapor is similar to smoke. The e-juice, which is a liquid, is heated by the e-cig’s coils to produce a vapor that is inhaled. Unlike the smoke from a tobacco cigarette, this is more refined and smoother. It does not contain tar or harmful ingredients or cause the discoloring effect like regular smoke. These are some reasons why vaping is a healthier option than tobacco cigarettes.

They Are Expensive

People think that you have to be rich to vape. Although they are expensive to buy initially, the e-juice is more economical. To clarify the issue, once you buy the device, you will only need to buy the e-juice, which is cheap in relation to the experience and value it provides. E-cigs also reduce addiction, which means that you will start using less e-juice over time.

They Are Complicated

E-cigs are not as complicated to use as some people think they may be. All you need is to follow the instructions as provided by the manufacturer. Generally, these instructions involve filling the tank with e-juice, plugging in the battery and switching it on to enjoy. Although there are many variations of use, all instructions are easy to follow.