For several decades, we have been taught that marijuana is an absolute evil, and there is nothing to expect from it besides the narcotic effect. Even the notorious properties of weed as a resource for the production of healthy vegetable oil and tissues were rejected by the main postulate: marijuana is a drug, no comments!

In part, this has its share of truth. Uncontrolled cultivation of marijuana is directly related to its use as a stimulant for the psyche. But when you consider that 50 years ago this plant, along with opium and heroin was a recognized medical drug, it becomes unobvious: why did people turn up against marijuana?

But here it is worth considering that the selection has identified several species of this plant, and only some hybrids can be considered absolutely safe for health. In total, more than a hundred substances were found in hemp! So, what can benefit our health when using marijuana?

  • CBD - cannabidiol. Unlike dozens of other components, it is absolutely safe for the psyche and does not have psychoactive properties. It has already been recognized as effective in treating multiple sclerosis. It is also worth it to use for depressive disorders and to reduce sensitivity in Crohn’s disease.
  • THC - tetrahydrocannabinol, a substance that is naturally formed from the inflorescences of marijuana, its seeds and the oxidation of a standard and safe CDB. It acts on the cells of the nervous system and the immune system. On the one hand, its action can cause impaired coordination of movements, on the other hand, doctors have already recognized its effectiveness as a blocker of side effects in oncological therapy, including chemotherapy, as well as a means to combat the symptoms of glaucoma, while reducing weight for HIV-infected, for the treatment of Turret syndrome, schizophrenia, chronic pain syndrome and many other diseases.

In addition to the diseases already mentioned, medical marijuana is recognized by psychologists as an effective therapy for various psychological conditions.

It can be used as an alternative treatment for depression – today, with the help of cannabis patients with depression can abandon antidepressants, many of which have significant side effects.

The positive effect of marijuana on the behaviour and well-being of patients with PTSD and increased anxiety has also been proven. And, of course, exposure to cannabinoid receptors helps those with Alzheimer’s disease improve their quality of life and improve their cognitive abilities.

Why Is Marijuana Therapy so Convenient?

  • This is a completely natural medicine that has minimal side effects and can be used for a long time.
  • Marijuana is quickly eliminated from the body, and its overdose is unlikely and does not lead to serious consequences. It is enough to rest and spend some time alone - and the symptoms of an overdose will disappear.
  • Smoking cannabis is much safer than smoking tobacco and has no consequences such as chronic lung disease, the occurrence of lung or throat cancer.
  • If smoking is unacceptable for you, marijuana therapy can be carried out in other ways - using edibles or cannabinoid-containing drinks or medicines.
  • In some US states, obtaining permission to use medical cannabis is very easy - for these purposes, for example, in California, the 420 Evaluations online program operates.

It is very easy to get your MMJ card - you can apply from your home via the Internet. It will be examined by a licensed 420 doctor and will provide you with recommendations on which you can legally buy an effective medicine for treatment.