There will be many considerations to make when it comes to choosing a new piece of furniture for your home. The shape and size of the furniture you will choose will mainly depend on the space you have, while the design and style of the furniture will need to compliment the rest of your interior. The material used in making the furniture is a significant factor you will have to put into consideration during the process of choosing the right furniture. It is important to consider the material because it will have an effect on the purchase price, the number of design styles available, and the durability of the furniture. The material is more important than even the design of the furniture you are interested in.

Pine and oak are the two most commonly used type of wood for home furniture. For many people, the two look the same with the difference being in the pricing, with furniture made out of pine being the cheaper of the two. They are both pleasing to touch, both are flexible and look great, why are they different? More specifically, why do you have to pay more for oak than pine if they are almost the same?

Quick and Simple Pine

Pine is a soft wood; the tree grows quickly and is very pliant, which means the wood can be used in making furniture with a minimum of time and effort. Pine will make a good material for furniture to be used in a modern-style, simple pieces that don’t need a great deal of intricacy. Furniture made out of pine have a short life span because of their softness and the low threshold against wear and tear. If you want something quick, lightweight, and unshowy, and you need one that will last a few years, then pine is the best option for you.

If you want something that will last for a long time or a piece of furniture that will make an impact on the look of the room, then you should choose something that is durable, more attractive, and the only material that satisfies these characteristics is solid oak.

Why should you choose solid oak furniture?

Oak has been used for many years, with builders, carpenters, and shipwrights being able to recognize the supremacy of the oak wood because it is hard wearing and looks beautiful. The oak wood is more expensive than pine because it takes more years to grow. Oak is a hard wood, meaning it can last for a very long period of time, and will toughen with age and become more beautiful as the years go by. This can go well alongside these ideas for a wallmount fireplace. Oak is way more resistant to wear and tear, and provides better resistance to pest when compared to pine.

The best types of oak furniture is soft and pliant when it is young, and it start to harden with time to become a durable and hard-wearing wood. When you choose furniture made out of oak wood, you can expect to be with it for many years to come.It is not surprising to find some oak furniture that has been around for many generations. The same cannot be said about pine furniture which can last you a couple of years and force you to replace them. Oak will appear to be the expensive option between the two, but it is way more cost-effective than pine.