One of the most popular and significant misbeliefs and thinking about purchasing a watch is that it must have a hefty price tag to be nice. But, as a matter of fact, there are many affordable, cut-price watches that prove how mistaken the idea is.

Honestly, searching them among the sea of affordable watches that are poorly made can be very challenging and tricky, which is why we’re here to help. In this post, we’ve rounded up some of the best budget timepieces you should look out for.

Seiko 5 Sports SNZF17

No list of affordable, low-cost watches is complete without this timepiece. Initially released in 1963, the Seiko 5 has garnered a lot of interest among watch enthusiasts for the value it offers and its functional mechanical movement.

The Seiko 5 arrives in multiple variants, and one of the most loved is the Sea Urchin dive watch. Apart from using the 7S36 automatic movement, Seiko’s workhorse, it’s furnished with a steel bracelet and a unidirectional countdown bezel.

You can buy this watch for under $150 in many online stores like Affordable enough to collect and abundant enough to effortlessly find, the Seiko 5 watch is truly a must-have.

Timex Marlin

The first manual Timex is back! The watch company released a vintage-inspired, hand-wound watch called the Marlin. Since 1982, this is perhaps the first time the brand has produced a mechanical watch, and the Timex Marlin made a faint buzz in the market.

As a matter of fact, the Timex watch sold out right away. Well, it’s no wonder why people wanted to have one. It is not just a good-looking because it is super affordable, costing under $200.

In today’s world, wherein prices of watches seem only to increase, this Timex watch is a refreshing and excellent option for those who are tight on a budget. The most notable thing about the Marlin is that it’s a manual-winding timepiece. The watch is available with sleek strap design, dial, case, and an automatic movement underneath.

Laco Augsburg

Laco, a German watch brand, is most probably famous for its super legible and simple Flieger aviation watches. And this Laco Augsburg does not wander off from these principles because it arrives with a big 42mm case and a stark black dial decorated with ample amount of watch lume.

This watch features a Miyota automatic movement. Also, the entire watch comes with a chunky, brown leather strap.

Bulova Moonwatch

When you hear the word moon watch, what pops into your mind? Is it the Omega Speedmaster Professional? Well, it’s no wonder if it is because it was the first-ever timepiece worn by an astronaut on the moon.

Even so, there are several watches that have set forth this rock. When the Apollo 15 landed in the Hadley-Appennius, Mission Commander David Scott looked at his Bulova and recorded the landing at 06:16:29 P.M. The Bulova Moonwatch is a tribute to that very timepiece, priced under $1000.

Hamilton Intra-Matic

This watch is one of the best budget watches available today. The Hamilton Intra-Matic is a simple combination of style and elegance that harkens back to the time when subtle design dominated drawing boards.

The Intra-Matic features a huge sunburst dial, slightly furnished with the classic Hamilton logo “H,” a thin leather band, and faceted lugs. No doubt that this watch could simply pass as an antique watch, without requiring any vintage maintenance.

Braun BN0211

If you are looking for great contemporary design in a timepiece without spending a lot of money, then the Braun BN0211 is for you! This watch has won both a Red Dot and iF award for its stealthy, minimal aesthetic. What’s more, a yellow seconds hand stands out against a sleek black case and dial. Also, it comes mounted on a loose-fitting stainless steel mesh bracelet.

Nokia Steel

If you only have at least 70 dollars to spend for a good-looking quartz timepiece, then the Nokia Steel is ideal for you.

What sets this watch apart from its competitors is that it doesn’t only tells you the time of day. It connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth, offering you fitness tracking and simple sleep information that, although not in-depth, is very helpful in motivating and tracking healthy behavior.


Can’t think of any affordable yet functional holiday presents for your family and friends? Well, consider a watch gift. It does not have to be expensive, though. There are a lot of budget watches available in the market for you to find the perfect gift. From stainless steel dress watches to dive watches, there is an affordable option for you, and maybe it is included in the list.