If you live in the city or a built-up suburban area, then it’s likely that people can regularly see into your home and garden. Although the majority of people who pass your window will be innocent bystanders, you may find that some innocently look in and disturb your privacy. In other instances, some may be burglars with menacing intentions. As a result, you may wish to improve the privacy of your home.

Merge Privacy and Style

Although you’re looking to add privacy to your home, there’s no reason why you should have to sacrifice style. Any privacy features should fit in with your home’s overall décor, reflecting current design trends and styles. Remember that privacy features can help enhance your colour scheme and décor choices. Here’s are some simple ways that you can achieve this:

1. Build a Fence

Adding a fence and gate can be the perfect solution to stopping intruders. Even a small picket fence can be a deterrent, stopping people coming onto your land or looking into your home. Plus, there’s no need for a fence to block out the light. You can also paint the fence whatever colour you require, injecting your own sense of style. Whether you opt for a chain link fence, wood, vinyl and PVC or even concrete block walls, the choice is yours.

2. Add Vertical Blinds

Adding blinds to your home can help deter people from looking through your windows, without necessarily blocking out all the light. Although curtains are a popular choice, they only allow you to either block out all the light or none of it.

On the other hand, vertical blinds allow you to let as much light in as you please, keeping prying eyes at bay. Online retailers such as Direct Blinds offer made to measure options, so you can even get blinds if you have an oddly shaped window.

3. Build a Gazebo

As well as having privacy in your home, it’s more than likely that you’ll want some privacy in your garden. By adding a gazebo to your decking area or garden, you can add privacy without building along the property line. Plus, you have the added benefit that you can take this down whenever you like.

Whether you choose to implement all of the above tips or just one of them, you’ll be well on your way to creating the seclusion you require.