When it comes time to sell your home, you have a lot of decisions to make.

Gauging the market, planning the move, identifying a realtor to assist with selling, working on getting the best possible value. You will only sell this home once, it’s important to make it count.

Beyond the return-on-investment you can expect from performing renovations, selling is all about getting the buyer to commit the best price for your home. There are certain repairs you should seriously consider making before listing the property for sale. If a buyer walks out upon just one tour of the home, you will have a dilemma on your hands.

Roofing Repairs

Roofing health is a hot spot for buyers. They want to know how old the roof is, the materials used, the condition of the roof. Does it withstand rain? Is it safe from wind? All of which are important questions they will have, and you the seller should be prepared.

Have your roof properly inspected by using a suitable ladder, be prepared to invest in any repairs needed. Ensure the roof is in great condition and weathertight. Fix any missing shingles or tiles. In addition to adding value, a roofing repair can be the difference between an offer and a walk-away. No Realtor can talk a buyer through roofing troubles.

A Fresh Coat

First impressions are lasting, a potential buyer should be attracted to the home at first glance. Curb appeal and entrance appeal are vital. Cut in some paint and cut out some cost.

You can spruce up the look of your home with a brand new coat of paint throughout. Create the right atmosphere with a modern color palette. Old paint that looks dingy, dirty or worn can give buyers the wrong impression.

Rather than covering the cost of paint in a home sale, get the work done yourself for less and save.


Impressive kitchens add value to a home. But even if your kitchen has not had major work done, make sure those appliances and fixtures are in good order.

The refrigerator should be in great working order, the range should be clean and functional, and any other small appliances should be maintained. Buyers will be looking over your kitchen with a fine tooth comb. Be prepared with repairs or replacement of kitchen appliances.


An empty home leaves the walls and floors to do a lot of talking. Potential buyers will imagine their new life in the home, so don’t forget about the flooring.

Brand new carpet is a popular option to get the job done quickly. It is functional, economic, and relatively inexpensive. While it does not add value to the home carpet is aesthetically pleasing.

Want to add more value? Engineered hardwood floors are top of the line and look beautiful. This flooring costs the most, but for improvements, there are many ways to get the job done.

If a high-end project is your goal, a little extra cash may be required. You’ll recoup your investment at the time of sale. Consider a few options:

Home Equity Loans, and Home Equity Lines Of Credit (HELOC). Borrow against your property for a quick infusion of cash.

Car title loans are a similar concept, but instead of borrowing against the property you borrow against your vehicle’s equity. If you are creditworthy they are a great option, and for short term borrowing you can maximize your home value with upgrades.

Make the most of your investment. Take the right steps to get your home sold for the best price. Being mindful of the roof, paint, floors and more to turn your sale into the next happy home.