There are many CBD users across the globe. This is mainly because of the legalization of hemp in many countries and states. Extensive studies done on hemp have found that the plant has many health benefits to those who use it. It is essential to note that the law on hemp is still new and more is yet to be understood on the way forward.

If you are living in Indiana, you might have some questions concerning the use of hemp. It is wise to know what you’re getting into and not be on the wrong side of the law. Indiana has been known to not support the use of the cannabis plant for a long time, but the situation has changed. Back in 2014, hemp was legalized to be used for research purposes.

If you have been following the news concerning hemp, you should know what the Farm Bill passed back in 2018 made the growth and use of hemp legal. Since then, lawmakers in Indiana have been making regulations to govern how licenses to grow and sell hemp products will be issued.

Is the Use of Hemp Allowed?

If you question if you can use hemp products in Indiana without breaking the law, the answer is yes. Though CBD is allowed, it needs to be extracted from hemp. Though CBD is found both in marijuana and hemp, it is crucial that you only use CBD products from hemp. In the Indiana CBD Laws, marijuana is still illegal and you will be subjected to some charges if you are found growing or in possession of marijuana.

Though hemp and marijuana might look and smell the same, you must make sure that you are using hemp products. A cannabis plant needs to have 0.3 percentage of THC for it to be classified as hemp. You should make sure that you use products that come with a third-party lab result to ensure the level of THC does not pass the limit. There are many licensed hemp dispensaries and you can feel free to go and purchase the many CBD-based products.

Should You Use CBD in Indiana?

Though the Indiana CBD laws are quite strict compared to other places, you can still enjoy the many benefits of using CBD. Although the Indiana CBD laws might have some restrictions on smoking hemp or marijuana, you can use different CBD products from different licensed hemp dispensaries. Among the many cannabinoids in the hemp plant, CBD has received a lot of attention because of its many health benefits. Those suffering from different types of pain have reported easing their pain by using CBD oil. CBD oil is also credited with helping those with anxiety, depression, and sleeping disorders.


The Indiana CBD Laws state that people are allowed to use CBD products from the hemp plant. The use of cannabis is not allowed and those who do so will face various charges. With time, the laws of hemp and the cannabis plant will change.