Whether you refer to it as E-juice or Vape Juice, you are talking about one and the same thing. In the vaping world, e-juice refers to the liquid that one puts in a vaporizer which is then dispensed as a vapor for you to inhale. While most people are familiar with the concept of inhaling higher than ordinary levels of nicotine through vaping, vape juice does not have to contain nicotine. In order to be released as vapor, the dispensing device must first heat up to 200 to 400 degrees.


What are the contents of e-juice/vape juice?

Standard practice dictates that the basic composition of vape juice be water, propylene glycol, food grade flavor, vegetable glycerin, and optional nicotine. The inclusion of food grade flavoring gives the vape juice a distinctly delicious taste. Propylene Glycol might be an intimidating phrase but its role is quite critical. By distributing the flavor and taste evenly throughout juice, there is a uniform effect at start, middle and finish. If you want to be certain that Propylene Glycol is truly harmless, look for it among the ingredients lists of most food colors and human medicines. Vegetable glycerin is used to enhance the taste of the vape juice.

Comparing the action of Vegetable Glycerin versus Propylene Glycol in vape juice

Between VG and PG, PG is the lighter liquid and this makes it easy for it to be absorbed inside the mod. Mods that use PG are quite clean compared to those that use VG because PG does not have residue. Since PG does not add any flavor to vape juice, its inclusion in the formulation does not alter the overall taste. People who smoke cigarettes will naturally want to vape on juice that provides the same hit as an actual cigarette; this is one of the greatest reasons PG is popular.

VG has a thicker consistency than PG which makes it much stronger. Due to the fact that thicker fuels leave a lot of residues compared to thinner fuels, an atomizer that uses VG is often dirty and has a shorter lifespan. It has been observed that clouds of vapor produced with VG are much thicker and bigger than those of PG; most people will go for the VG for this reason only. While there has not been any reported case of allergic reactions for using VG as with PG, many people complain of discomfort in the throat with regular use of VG.

Both VG and PG vape juices are great choices depending on personal preference. The choice depends on the type of hit desired, clouds aimed for and possible effects.