Israel has its own version of the FDA called “The Administration.” It deals with everything from drug approvals and compliance with food wellness and nutrition. Some of you may be wondering how the FDA handles drug compliance when it approves a drug. The goal of the administration is to test and approve any new drug that comes on the market, including OTC(over-the-counter) drugs.

The FDA’s decision to approve a specific drug means they feel the pros outweigh the cons. Did you know that consumers felt more vulnerable before the FDA came along? The company could make any claim about the drug whether it was true or not. Now that the FDA is in charge that means the companies can no longer make false claims about the drugs they manufacture. The FDA is not going to put them on the market unless they pass the test.

Why Is It Important To Get the Approval of the FDA?

It is important for the fact that it validates the research completed on the drug. Kids and adults want to know they are taking something safe and the right dosage. That is what makes the OTC drug approvals and compliance Israel has to offer necessary.

What Does the Approval Process Look Like?

Make no mistake: The FDA Approval process is not risk-free. No process is ever going to be risk-free. How can it be? Let us just say that the process clears up about 98% of the confusion

The Steps Required

1) The drug is developed in Israel and wants to be approved here in the US.

2) The drug is tested on animals first. This is the step that gets some animals rights people angry. However, the FDA justifies the importance in their information at their site online.

3) The company in Israel submits an IND application. The application includes everything from the ingredients to the planned testing.

4) The next step is the clinical trials and testing. There are 4 specific phases involved with the step. You can view the specific steps online by Googling their site.

5) The final steps involve testing and packaging to marketing the drug. The drug is approved and monitored once it is officially approved. The FDA keeps a close eye on the drug to make sure everything is working right.

The FDA takes investigations on faulty drugs very seriously. They look into claims consumers make as long as the claims are substantiated by genuine proof.