Social media marketing will help generate interest in your brand, which could translate to increased revenue and sales levels. It can be a great and inexpensive way to advertise your brand because the platform offers access to a large number of people who maintain a high interest in brands.

On the internet, up to 80% of users of certain social media platforms follow at least one brand. In specific demographics, this could even be close to full coverage. Many people are also exploring social media for information on your business and products. They will research your brand quality, level of compassion and other values, as well as monitor your interaction with other users. They may also use the platform to source customer service, since the platform offers direct access to your clients.  Why should you consider social media marketing?

Social media marketing

It can be free

You do not need to pay any subscription fees to join social media. This means that you can market your brand for free across different social platforms which allows you a great pool of potential clients. Social media is also very easy to understand and set up, and could be ready for use within minus. If you do not have a large resource pool dedicated to marketing your brand, social media can provide the buffer to ensure you can still reach out to potential clients.

It is effective

social media effectiveness

There are over 3.5 billion active monthly users, spread out across different social media platforms. Joining social media will increase your ability to reach these people and market your brand. Social media offers better numbers than TV, print and other traditional avenues of marketing, which will guarantee better reach and higher conversion rates. You can also increase the effectiveness of your social media marketing strategy by investing in paid ads, which will increase your ability to reach your target audience and drive up conversions even more significantly. Paid means will help you gain traction on notoriously difficult platforms, which will increase the efficiency of your social media marketing activities.

It is easy to monitor

You can gain a great following by engaging with your audiences and making timely responses. This increases the likelihood of building trust and user confidence in your brand, which may have a direct impact on your brand performance through metrics such as sales. Social media is easy to monitor, even if you are traveling. Social media platforms will offer notifications for every activity, which can be tweaked to meet your priorities. These notifications allow real time responses and interactions, which will contribute to a great brand reputation. You may consider setting up designated phone lines attached to your social media accounts, which will help make it easier to monitor your notifications.

It can be customized

customized social media marketing

You are free to tweak your social media pages to suit your brand’s image. Even though this is limited when compared to the options available for website customization, you can still get your social pages looking and feeling like you expect. You can do this by attaching images and image sets that suit your brand on your profiles. You could consider investing in a custom design for a more unique page. There are also many color pallets that could be leveraged to help increase the aesthetic of your social pages and attract more followers.

It is global

The internet and social media are available globally, with the exception of a few countries that may have banned the use of certain social media platforms. Even though many people can only access social media through their mobile devices, there is high interest in the platform. You will have access to a global market, which could help you expand your brand beyond your expectations. Social media marketing could help grow your brand in different parts of the world, which could aid your business progress.

It offers analytic tracking

You can monitor user interactions, responses and engagements through analytic tracking, which is offered by different social media platforms. This service is free, and will provide you the ability to keep track of what your clients feel about your brand, product and content. If you are interested in meeting a specific business goal, tracking analytics will help you understand how your social media activity is helping you meet this goal. This will help you grow your brand quickly and more efficiently.

It offers a platform for personal selling


Personal selling can be a lucrative way for brands to reach their clients and increase the likelihood of conversions. You can take advantage of the personal selling opportunity offered by social media through interaction with your audience.Marketing strategies such as product promotions and giveaways will also benefit from personal selling, and may be viable and inexpensive marketing tools on social media for your brand.

You can monitor the competition

You cannot overstate the importance of keeping track of the competition. It is a viable strategy for both small and large brands, which stand to gain insight into some aspect of their business by keeping an eye on other brands within the field. Social media listening will allow you to take advantage of any slip ups by the competition, which could offer a competitive edge. It could help grow your brand while reducing your competitor’s influence, which will be beneficial for your brand.You may even build a loyal following from these potential clients.

You can use it to drive traffic to your site

If you have a website, setting up on social media could help increase traffic to your site. While most people are on the web, they may not necessarily explore the internet to find out about new brands. Most people will look through social media, and their friends’ recommendations to find ideal brand. If you are looking to create online interest in your brand, setting up a social media page could help boost your website. You can share links to your content from your social media, attach excerpts and quote experts in your posts to generate interest in your brand, which will have an effect on traffic levels to your site.

Social ads allow marketing and remarketing


You should consider social media for your advertising because it allows for very efficient advertising techniques such as marketing. Free advertisements and those through traditional media avenues work to increase your brand‘s and products’ appeal. However, they are usually very limited in terms of raising conversion levels measurably. On social media, you can reach audiences who are already interested in your products and have already considered making a purchase in the past through remarketing. You could get a free likes trial for your next post to see just how effective social ads can be.