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10 Essential Free Apps For The iPhone

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10 Essential Free Apps For The iPhone

Happy 10th Birthday iPhone! If you are searching for valuable free apps that will enhance your iPhone and your life, then let me help you. The apps and iOS, being ten years old, have gone through many changes and updates, but that won’t hinder you from finding exactly what you need. Here they are in no particular order-

  1. Camera+
    This app is one of the best comprehensive photo editors in the App Store. Most of it is free with a few possible and unnecessary upgrades. You can crop, filter, and do lab work all from the convenience of your phone.
  2. IMDb
    When looking for movie or television content, ratings, and general info the Internet Movie Database app is the hit for all things Hollywood.
  3. Waze
    This is the navigation app to beat all navigation apps. Waze lets you not only plan and track your trip, but it will also notify you of traffic issues and police presence with its user informed interface. Now you can tell ahead of time which route to take based on detailed information. It even includes road hazards for safety.
  4. Uber
    You should never be without the Uber app. Even if you don’t use Uber much, it is handy for those emergency situations like when your car gets towed.
  5. Ibotta
    For those who like to save money when grocery shopping, Ibotta is one that pays off and is easy to use. Before you go on your weekly shopping trip, make sure to download this app and sign up.
  6. Restaurant Loyalty apps
    This is very general as it depends on which restaurants you frequent, but these can be handy for monitoring your rewards and receiving opportune deals.
  7. Bank apps
    Again this is very general depending on where you bank, but it is unbelievably convenient when depositing checks, paying bills, and simply monitoring your bank accounts.
  8. My Fitness Pal
    A fantastic app that will help you count your calories and lose pounds. This iPhone mate will help you lose weight!
  9. Kindle
    You can carry around thousands of books on your phone with this digital library. Whenever you discover yourself waiting or bored, then yank this bad boy out and finish the book that you can’t seem to find the time to read. All of your Amazon e-books can be loaded on your device or let those you don’t want to read yet hang in the cloud until your ready.
  10. Netflix or Amazon Prime Video
    If you have your earbuds with you, then this is a superb app to kill some time and binge on your latest shows or movies. It is incredibly convenient to have a portable “television” with you at all times.
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