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10 Great Apps and Websites For Your Little Ones

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10 Great Apps and Websites For Your Little Ones

Trying to find the proper app or website for your young children to immerse themselves can be daunting. Always hoping that they are educational, teach your own personal values, and are equally fun for your child can often take much research and trials. But don’t fret, yet! Here are some great products to ensure your child has a balanced, protected, and enjoyable time-


  • Philips Sonicare For Kids- Let’s begin with Hygiene. Anything that will help your kids stay clean and healthy is a plus. This app helps your child engage and learn with Sparky! It teaches correct brushing techniques and habits while allowing your kids to have real-time fun. (Free)
  • Lego Life- Lego claims, “Lego Life envelopes us and our kids in a safe, friendly network of like-minded fans.” They can conquer LEGO Challenges, watch LEGO videos, get LEGO news, and so much more! (Free)
  • Daniel the Tiger for Parents- This app takes the Mr. Rogers character Daniel the Tiger and gives you a library of over two dozen songs from the show, more than 60 video clips, and more. (Free)
  • ABC Mouse.com- This website and app will allow your kids to learn in a fun and engaging environment that they will absolutely love. Don’t hesitate to sign up and get your kids involved in a program that will supplement their education and have them begging to play their exciting games. (For around $5.00 a month and comes with a free trial)
  • Smurfs Epic Run- This app will allow your kids to participate in the runner epidemic without all of the violence that are often incorporated into many of these types of games. They will have an enchanted time in this unique world of magic and fairytales. (Free)
  • Turtle Diary.com- This website has a huge assortment of free games that will teach your kids both math, typing, and language skills for pre-schoolers through the 5th grade.
  • PBS Kids.org- This website has fun games featuring the PBS Kids characters that will teach as well as delight your children.
  • Latin Pairs- Teach your kids basic Latin with this App that uses matching games to instruct them in the ancient language. Although this may seem to be an obscure language, many scholars believe since English and Spanish are based in Latin this will help you and your child better understand the language they speak everyday.
  • Books- There are a number of apps that not only allow your children to read their favorite stories, but they also add features that allow your kids to interact with the characters and play games. (examples- The Monster at the End of the Book, Nursery Rhymes, etc.)
  • CodeSpark Academy- Teach your kids computer basics and how to code with this fun and free App.
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