When it comes to doing a guest post, you need to focus on the blogs that are relevant to what you’re developing content for and then approach the site owner about your ideas.

There are three things to bear in mind about the following information:

  • The list is a mixture of popular blogs and well-known brand name sites that use blogs as part of their marketing strategy.
  • Every entry has a metric that will assist you in deciding if guest posting is worth your effort on a given blog or not.
  • Some of these on the list will include my tips on how to open the door and have the guest post published.

1. Duct Tape Marketing

This marketing blog is generally known for offering authoritative information thanks to small business expert and Duct Tape Marketing founder John Jantsch. In order to get a guest post on this website, you need to read this article. After doing that, you need to use the contact page and submit your idea. It’s best to choose a month and topic, offer up three ideas and submit three writing samples for them to review.

2. Search Engine People Blog

The Search Engine People Blog is one of the most respected blogs with its focus on various SEO and online marketing-related topics. Read over its guidelines page to help you get started. Make sure that you submit an idea that benefits marketing professionals.

3. Ege Marketing

Ege Marketing is a high-quality marketing firm that permits authors with some business experience to upload and publish guest posts. There are many SEO and online marketing-related materials on the site for you to read.  Once you feel ready, contact them through their contact form.

4. SEO Hacker

In order to get a guest post here, your material must be relevant and informative to SEO practitioners. Make sure you review the site’s guest post rules before you sign up though. Once you log in, upload the post you want to publish for its review.

5. Copy Pressed

Copy Pressed is a content marketing blog that offers an array of information on content creation and how you can market it. Information about marketing techniques, content writing and conversion are also available. It doesn’t have any official submission rules to follow, but review the different guest posts to get an idea. Make sure to read posts on who to successfully pitch your ideas and learning from bad guest post pitches.

6. Online Income Teacher

Online Income Teacher is a useful money-making, online marketing magazine with a slew of articles about freelancing, using SEO for marketing and website marketing. It’s also got information on email marketing and how it can be correctly done. Be sure to check out their Submission Guidelines to learn more.

7. The 60 Second Marketer

This is a popular blog that puts its focus on all practical, useful online marketing advance. Guest posts tend to do better if they’re in an extensive tutorial with a plethora of information and action steps. Another guest post idea is case studies. You can write any length of article you want, but you should still review their guidelines page for submission information.

8. SEO Nick

A guest post here means first checking out the material already published to understand the writing style being asked. Once you’ve done that, send them an email with no more than three sentences about your guest post idea. Make sure to read the guest post rules to learn more about the site and what they’re expecting.

9. Online Behavior

This is a website for Internet business owners looking for information about user/customer behavior and how to effectively reach out to them. Their range of topics is extensive but includes analytics, testing, targeting and segmentation and optimization practices. Be sure to read the site’s guidelines page for guest bloggers.

10. Social Fresh

While this site’s name would suggest it’s more about social media marketing, it does offer information on other marketing areas. Be sure to review the official guidelines to get started.

11. Traffic Generation Café

One of the most respected online marketing niche and traffic generation blogs is Traffic Generation Café. It offers a Weekly Marketing News series, linking to interesting current news information about marketing. In order to be featured here, there are three things you must do first read their comprehensive guide to guest blogging. Then, develop a case study, guide or extensive tutorial that relates to the website. Finally, submit your ideas to Ana Hoffman.