Get ready to show your true colors, you know which one you are.

The Screamer


We get it, now stand 10 ft. away because you’re blowing out my ear drum…

The Brave One


Soo Chad…you just lead and we’ll all follow…

Chad: Challenge accepted scaredy cats…

The Refuser


You better have a plan to bribe this one…

The Suppressor


Just make sure to keep an eye on this one so he or she doesn’t get lost…

The Runner


The Runner is so freaked out that his or her motto is: Nothing can hurt me if I just run, power walk, walk, quickly walk, screw this I’m going to run through this mess. The faster I finish, the safer I’ll be.

The Lecturer


This person in your group is constantly annoying the heck out of everyone with his or her constant ‘man-up’ advice or comments. A real fun-sucker…

The Crier

This one can’t endure it much longer, you better keep track of this one or else he or she might turn into The Runner.

The Braggadocio


The Braggadocio always remarks how “that wasn’t scary” or “this is so easy” or “this isn’t even scary” or the annoying “i never get scared.”

The Stragglers


There is always at least one Straggler if not a handful that seem to disappear every 5 minutes… you find yourself saying “hurry up” way too many times.

The Hitter


The Hitter thinks Everything. Is. A. Threat. and can’t control his or her reflexes. Might want to call the paramedics for that scary clown that just went down…

The Sarcastic One

The Sarcastic One is similar to The Braggadocio but different in one aspect. The Sarcastic one constantly makes fun of the situation because he or she is trying to cover up their true feelings of fear. *eye roll*

The Laugher


The Laugher is always having just the best ol’ time. Loving the theatrics, enjoying being with friends, appreciating the effort… life is always good for The Laugher

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