There is so much on the internet, especially You Tube, that it is almost impossible to be aware of all that exists to entertain oneself. So I thought I would share one of my favorite channels with you as I rank my personal favorites from this channel. Bad Lip Reading is a “station” that puts new words and music to a video that appears as if they are actually saying what is being dubbed over the piece. The end product is hilarity and amusement at its best that is watchable for the whole family. Here we go from good to great-

  • Bush & Clinton- Former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton send a unified message of nonsense.


  • Redneck Avengers:Tulsa Nights- What would the Avengers sound like if they were all from the deep south? Is the Hulk just a product of inbreeding? Is Thor just a hillbilly mechanic with a big sledge hammer
  • [embed]\[/embed\]
  • Mitt Romney- Clips from Mitt Romney’s Presidential Campaign[embed]\[/embed\]
  • Romney and Obama Debate- Mitt Romney and Barak Obama debate each other while being moderated by a strange man.


  • GoT- Medieval Land Fun Time World- The Game of Thrones on the lighter side of things.[embed]\_BiODEobbug\[/embed\]
  • Bernie & Hillary- The debate between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton with hilarious results.


  • Trump & Hillary- The first debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as they play as game show contestants.[embed]\[/embed\]
  • Carl Papa- The Walking Dead- Carl from The Walking Dead sings about his disasters and despair with rib-tickling brilliance.[embed]\[/embed\]
  • The Force Awakens (Featuring Mark Hamill)- Watch the Force Awakens as it would have been made if George Lucas would have been allowed to direct it.[embed]\_hGITmNuo\[/embed\]
  • “Sea Gulls” - The Empire Strikes Back- Yoda serenades Luke Skywalker about his hatred for Sea Gulls.




Penny for your thoughts I hate Brenda, and a bad guy hit me in the shin and I peed all in my pants Ha ha ha, that’s nothin’ a little music can’t help


Rockin’ Rockin’ and rollin’ Down to the beach I’m strollin’ But the seagulls poke at my head Not fun I said “Seagulls… mmgh! Stop it now!”

Everyone told me Not to stroll on that beach Said seagulls gonna come Poke me in the coconut And they did And they did Had me goin’ like

Nothing I could do but yell When these birds attacked me When I tried to run I fell And then these kids start laughing And then Got hit in the neck with a hacky sack Where’d it come from?

Now run, run, run, jump I can be a backpack while you run Run, run, run, jump And stop Put me down I love to groove and boogie Yeah (Great) Show you some dance moves (No, I don’t want you to) If I had your giant feet Out there on the beach Could have outrun those birds (You’re a psycho wiener) Let me grab my beater

Stop it please Don’t hit me Please Don’t hit me Hey come on man! Quit that banging

Hey, what’s that stank? You put a fish in our basket Oh yeah I forgot I did that You owe me an apology Just hold your breath and see When the time is right Birds will bite your face Now run, run, run, jump I can be a backpack while you run Swing from a hairy vine I can be your backpack while you climb Stand on one hand and lift Rocks with your special gift Run, run, run, jump Now breathe

spoken: That’s good Like that Like that One day I was walking and I found this big log Then I rolled the log over and underneath Was a tiny little stick And I was like, “That log had a child”

Listen boy: Someday when you are older You could get hit by a boulder While you’re lying there Screaming “Come help me please” The seagulls Poke your knees

Stop it now

spoken: Yeah, whatever, you’re sort of pitchy. Didn’t like it? Listen, man. I’m not your friend. Don’t fall asleep. Don’t fall asleep.

Stop it now