Are you one of those unicorns who likes living on the edge and refuses to have a boring day in your life? Or maybe you just love a good prank. Whatever it is, here are some hilarious and, in some cases, inappropriate gifts that will make your or anyone’s day brighter. In case you plan to buy one of these gag gifts as a present, just be aware that the reaction may vary from hysteria to some serious eye-rolling. But if at least one more person finds it funny, you should be fine. Although, it doesn’t really matter if you are living a savage thug life and simply don’t care :)

1. Prescription Pill Bottle Shaped Shot Glass SetPrescription Pill Bottle Shaped Shot Glass Set


2. Bucket of Unicorn Farts Cotton CandyBucket of Unicorn Farts Cotton Candy


3. The TeaBagger Tea Infuser


tea bag balls gag gfit


4. How to Traumatize Your Children: 7 Proven Methods to Help You Screw Up Your Kids Deliberately and with SkillHow to Traumatize Your Children


5. Exercise Blockexercise block gag gift


6. Fifty Shades of Chicken

Fifty Shades of Chicken - funny recipe book gift


7. Sexy Muscle Man Kitchen Grilling Party Apron

Boweike Sexy Muscle Man Kitchen Grilling Party Apron Funny Gag Gift


8. Toilet MugToilet Mug, Ceramic Funny Gag Gift Perfect for Coffee Tea


9. Banana Wine Bottle Stopper

Wine Bottle Stopper with Novelty Design


10. Bacon Strips Bandages

Bacon Strips Bandages


11. The Willy Warmer

hilarious and inappropriate gift


12. Witty Yetis Bad Parking Business Cards

Gag Gift: Funny Revenge for Mean Road Ragers & Morons


13. Easy-Open Canned Unicorn Meat: Excellent Source of Sparkles, Magic in Every Bite

Unicorn meat gag gift


14. How Not to Be a Dick: An Everyday Etiquette Guide

How Not to Be a Dick book gift


15. Boob Stress Reliever

Stress Boob Stress Relief Reliever Tricky toys Gag Joke Toy Ball Silicone Squeeze Boobes Ball


16. WTF Nifty Notes

Knock Knock WTF Nifty Notes


17. Liquid Fart

stinky prank


18. You’re Only Old Once!: A Book for Obsolete Children

You're Only Old Once!: A Book for Obsolete Children (Classic Seuss)


19. 50 Ways to Eat Cock: Healthy Chicken Recipes with Balls

cook book gag gift


20. Girlfriend Body Pillow Pink

body pillow prank gift for him


21. Crib Dribbler

Prank Pack Crib Dribbler


22. Beardski Ski Mask

ski mask with beard


23. Go the F**k to Sleep

the dark side of parenthood


24. I PEE IN POOLS Trucker Cap Hat

I PEE IN POOLS funny dare gag gift joke - Adult Trucker Cap Hat


25. Fanny Bank Funny Farting Bank

Fanny Bank Funny Farting Bank Funny Gag Gift


26. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people


27. Crime Scene Sandwich Bags

locking bags funny gag gift


28. GoGirl Female Urination Device

GoGirl Female Urination Device Lavender


29. Good Day, Bad Day Rocks Glass

Funny 11 oz Rocks Glass Gift for Dad Co-Worker Friend, Boss Christmas


30. Penis-shaped Lipstick

Funny Dirty Santa Christmas Gift