In this hyper digital, tech crazy world, nothing beats connecting with your roots. With New Jersey being one of the oldest cities in America, there’s no dearth of historical spots for one to explore. If you’re enthusiastic about exploring different history sights, why not check out these 5 beautiful theatres in New Jersey with a historical edge!

Edison Valley Playhouse, Edison

Established in 1895, the Edison Valley Playhouse is a stunning red building that hosts comedy variety shows regularly. The warehouse like interiors with low lighting offer the perfect ambience to watch a few fantastic plays on a rainy day. One of the oldest theatres in New Jersey, this one’s an absolute necessity while crafting your list of places to visit.

Hopewell Theater, Hopewell

Over 135 years old, the Hopewell Theatre has worn many faces. However, no matter how many exterior and interior changes this historical building has gone through, its always maintained one crucial part of its identity – it’s always been a great place for the community to enjoy some good old theatre performances. Even now, this proud dine in theater in NJ puts on regular screenings, live plays, and comedy shows. So, the next time you want to watch a lot of live comedy shows, do check out the Hopewell Theatre!

State Theatre New Jersey, New Brunswick

The State Theatre was established in 1921, and though it’s gone through a number of changes, it still remains the second largest theatre in the area. The gilded interior transports you to a time far away, and the numerous performances held here can help you live through many lifetimes. This theatre puts on a variety of shows like concerts, plays, children’s performances, ballet recitals and more.

The Strand Center for the Arts, Lakewood

Established in 1922, the Strand Center for the Arts, Lakewood, is a very popular stage that’s even frequented by Broadway stars. Many people debut their Broadway plays here before actually taking them to Broadway, so this is a great way to catch the latest plays, before they become big. When your friends will be scrambling to get tickets to the next Hamilton, you’ll have already seen it!

Cape May Stage, Cape May

Did you know that the Cape May Stage was not originally a theatre? This historical site was built in 1853 by the Presbyterian Church. Then, owing to the popularity of this site, and the stunning backdrop that it offered, it was taken over by the theatre company in 1980s, with its first play being about the Dorothy Parker Story. Needless to say, this is a very popular theatre that still hosts many plays for its patrons. It offers an extremely intimate environment for the audience members.

If you live in New Jersey and want to enjoy an experience like no other, then you should definitely check out these 5 theatres that have a history edge to them. Whether you go for a show with your family, a beautiful date, or all your friends, we’re sure you’ll have a great time.