The television has undergone a massive change over the past decade. TV shows now compete in Hollywood movies in terms of stardom and production. TV series go viral as they have millions of followers from around the world. It will not be wrong to say that it is indeed the golden era of the television industry. Millions of people are tuned to their television screens to watch their favorite shows. With the availability of effective cable TV offers like Spectrum TV packages or Cox Contour plans, you have a wide range of choices for accessing your favorite premium channels like HBO or SHOWTIME, etc. So when it comes to choosing the premium channels, here is a complete guide for you to find out the best premium channels and the best options to avail them.

But before we begin, let us find out what is meant by a premium channel. A premium channel provides commercial-free programs. You do not have to get annoyed by commercials. They also give access to new movies. You have to pay an extra amount of money to access these channels. Here is a look at the best premium channels to grab!


HBO has been dominating the entertainment industry for a long time for the freshly brewed entertainment it provides. If you subscribe HBO through cable TV, you get to enjoy many channels .like HBO Latino, HBO Family or HBO Comedy. You will be overwhelmed to enjoy HD content, multiple streaming options, HBO NOW and so much more.


SHOWTIME has been around like HBO has been very popular among the viewers. You can enjoy documentaries, movies, sports as well as spectacular originals like Homeland. Some more highlights of SHOWTIME include HD quality content, various streaming options, SHOWTIME app, On-demand programming and much more.


STRAZ entertainment is also a big name when it comes to premium channels with popular shows like American Gods and exciting features like accessibility to HD quality content, on-demand programming, various streaming options as well as STRAZ app for offline downloads.

The Movie Channel

The Movie Channel (TMC) belongs to SHOWTIME and usually comes free along with a SHOWTIME Subscription. Many cable TV providers offer this premium channel.


CINEMAX also offers a good line up of originals like Jett. CINEMAX initially offered movies but now comes along with its original content, multiple streaming options, On Demand programming and a lot more.

Here are a few recommendations for you to further assist you in the selection of premium channels:

Best Premium Channels for Movies

It is important to decide which premium channels you want. When it comes to movies, there are some premium channels that have a better movie selection than others. If you want to watch movies than STARZ and CINEMAX are good options since they offer exceptional movie entertainment.

Best Premium Channels for Sports

The best options for Sports lovers are EPIX and SHOWTIME as they allow you to catch the thrill and excitement of all sports. So they are a must-have for sports fans.

Best Premium Channels for Family Content

HBO is surely a top recommendation for family content. HBO is one of the top entertainment giants with an immense collection of shows and shows of all kinds. Be it kids or adults-they have every kind of entertainment you can simply ask for.

Wrapping Up,

These top recommendations are sure to be considered when choosing your premium channels. It is important for you to decide what type of entertainment you want so that you can choose your premium channels accordingly.