The few months following graduation that precede real world job experience may be the last opportunity you’ll get for extended travel, so use them wisely! Traveling can, of course, be expensive, but with some diligent searching for deals on airfare and with the options of hostels and Airbnb’s, your trip doesn’t have to break the bank. Before the job search consumes you entirely, consider visiting one of our top 5 destinations for post-grad travel:

1. Iceland

If you’re looking to travel to Europe, prices for tickets to Iceland are unbeatable and you can find great deals on car rentals from companies like Reykjavik Cars. Take in the extraordinary scenery, and be sure to visit the Blue Lagoon and the National Museum of Iceland.

2. New Orleans, Louisiana

For those who have caught the travel bug but aren’t looking to travel internationally, New Orleans is the perfect city to venture to with friends. Must-see attractions include the Louis Armstrong Park, Cafe Du Monde, and a tour of the bayou.

3. Amsterdam

Another cost-effective European destination is Amsterdam. See the largest collection of Van Gogh pieces at the Van Gogh Museum and visit the Anne Frank House. Pro tip: be sure to carve out some time for bike riding!

4. Austin, Texas

Live music, good bbq, and friendly people - Austin, Texas is another popular destination for post-grad travelers.

5. Montreal, Canada

After Paris, Montreal is the second largest Spanish-speaking city in the world. You can feel like you’ve traveled to Europe without having to leave the continent. Montreal also boasts a vibrant nightlife, so you’ll never run out of things to do!