Since most people have worked hard to stay in and avoid getting sick since March, many have traveling on their minds.  Whether you’re traveling to move, looking to visit family, or are needing a getaway- it can be scary in the current climate.  There are so many ways to travel and be safe, as long as you plan and be smart.

Pack Food

It’s essential to avoid as much human contact as possible when traveling during a pandemic.  At the same time, you can’t starve yourself.  When packing to leave, premake food, and pack nonperishables that can be eaten.  You can ice a lot of food to make it go further, but don’t pack anything that might spoil quickly.  The goal is to let your food stretch as long as you can so that you can stop as little as possible to eat.  When you do stop, go through drive-throughs or do pick up only and wear a mask when you do.

Plan Your Route

If you drive without a plan more than general highways, you might end up going off the path to do more scenic routes.  Take the time you need to plan your itinerary and look at what your drive will be every day.  Schedule how many hours you want to drive in a day, trade-off with someone if you’re not going alone, go further in a day, and plan your stops where you’ll be spending the night.

Handsanitizer and PPE

Although it’s better to wash your hands when you can, hand sanitizer can kill off germs, bacteria, and viruses.  Whenever you get gas, stop to pick up food, or touch anything that multiple hands may touch per hour- use your hand sanitizer.

Keep a couple of masks for each person in your car.  This action helps in case one gets something on it or gets lost.  You don’t have to wear them when you’re driving, but anytime you’re outside, or in a drive-through: put it on.  If you need help remembering, you can hang them in your rearview mirror, which is a physical reminder.

Don’t Take Risks

Don’t stop at cute antique shops, or random fruit stands because you’re struck by whimsy.  If you’re moving, you can distract yourself away from this by remembering the danger you and your loved one may risk.  You didn’t look at Boston houses for sale, pack everything you own, and travel as far as you’re going only to get sick during the drive.

Consider Where You Stay

Hotels can be safe to stay in, as long as you avoid contact with anyone.  The safer option is renting an Airbnb because there’s less chance of human contact.  Your family can relax in a safe home, instead of worrying about catching the virus in the lobby, or continental breakfast.  If you have to stay in a hotel, you can wear your mask in public areas and avoid situations that might be unsafe for your family.