Pondicherry is a union territory in South India which has a mix of various cultures. It is the smallest city and a popular tourist destination due to beaches and other attractions. Many people from India and foreign nationals visit every year because it offers several things for them to make a memorable trip. The place is just 150 km away from Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu and tourists can reach the same within 3 to 4 hours.

One can even travel to Pondicherry by car and buses from Chennai. The place is well- known for its Dutch, French, Portuguese, and British colonies allowing tourists to know more about them in detail. There are many buildings in Pondicherry that have Dutch, French, and other architectural styles.

Anyone who wants to spend their vacation with family and children can plan a trip to Pondicherry for creating great memories. On the other hand, they should give more importance to travel tips and other things for overcoming unwanted problems. Another thing is that it enables tourists to schedule a trop accordingly to ensure peace of mind.

What are the must-see attractions in Pondicherry?

  1. Matrimandir, Auroville

Matrimandir is a golden meditation temple located in the Auroville town which acts as a significant landmark. It is just 8 km away from Pondicherry and visitors can reach the place within 5-10 minutes. The temple has a huge sphere shape surrounded by 12 petals and the domestic dome includes golden discs which reflect sunlight. However, visitors should make a registration before a day for viewing the structure accordingly.

  1. Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach is one of the beautiful beaches in Pondicherry and visitors can reach the same by ferry ride from the boathouse because it is not accessible by road. It is an ideal one for those who love swimming and lifeguards are available on the beach to perform the activity without any difficulties.

  1. Immaculate Conception Cathedral, White Town

Immaculate Conception Cathedral in White Town is one of the must-see attractions in Pondicherry. It is the architectural landmark built before the 18th century that holds an important place.

  1. Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Sri Aurobindo Ashram located in the eastern part of Pondicherry is a religious centre allowing visitors to get peace of mind from various problems. Moreover, it is a perfect place for meditation purposes to know the purpose of life. The ashram is open every day and the entry fee is absolutely free. However, children who are below 3 years are not allowed to enter the ashram.

  1. Chunnambar boathouse

Chunnambar boathouse located near the mouth of the Chunnambar Creek is one of the must-see attractions in Pondicherry. Tourists willing to experience the pristine beauty of the city can take a ferry from the boathouse.

  1. Sunrise views

Beaches in Pondicherry allow tourists to view sunsets in early morning thereby showing ways to get more pleasure.

  1. Scuba diving and surfing

The city enables visitors to perform scuba diving and surfing activities on the beaches for experiencing more adventure.

Travel tips to Pondicherry

  1. Transportation

Pondicherry has good connectivity with other parts and local buses are available frequently to reach from one place to another place easily. The fares are affordable and visitors can use them while visiting important places in the city.

  1. Language

Although a majority of people speak Tamil, many of them speak English which is widely used for communication purposes. French is also spoken in some areas of the city.

  1. Currency

Rupee is the currency used in Pondicherry and foreign nationals can exchange them in banks and exchanges.

  1. Climate

The city experiences hot and humid weather for most part of the year and tourists should wear cotton clothes for overcoming unwanted problems. At the same time, the city will become cool during the monsoon and winter seasons.

  1. Renting a bike

Tourists who want to explore Pondicherry can rent a bike for meeting essential needs. In addition, it will help a lot to know the history and culture of the city in detail.

  1. Safety

Most of the streets will become empty after 9 pm and visitors should avoid traveling alone in remote areas to prevent thefts. Foreign nationals should carry a copy of their passport when they go out. Visitors can call 108 for police and 101 for medical emergencies.

  1. Eating and drinking

Pondicherry is a paradise for those who want to drink liquors at cheaper prices. Since it is a union territory, the rates are low when compared to other places. There are many cafes and restaurants which offer a variety of dishes including French cuisine. The city provides a wide range of eating options for visitors allowing them to witness complete satisfaction.

  1. Shopping

Shops in Pondicherry sell diverse items such as handmade jewellery, crafts, paintings, ceramics, and so on. Moreover, visitors can find antique items in shops for buying them based on the choices.

  1. Following traffic rules

It is necessary to follow the traffic rules in Pondicherry because rash driving can lead to heavy fines. Apart from that, it gives ways to avoid accidents and other problems on the roads.

Where to stay in Pondicherry?

Pondicherry has several hotels which offer different types of packages for tourists. On the other hand, the prices may go up during peak seasons and one should consider renting budget hotels for meeting essential needs. This is because budget Pondicherry hotels provide modern amenities for tourists enabling them to ensure high-level comforts. It is possible to book them online after comparing the rates from various websites.

Most hotels offer huge discounts on the packages thereby showing ways to save more money on a trip. All facilities are available in budget hotels allowing visitors to ensure the best accommodation. Tourists can even book the hotels online in advance before one or two weeks for making the trip a memorable one. The terms and conditions can vary from one website to another website and visitors should follow them properly for overcoming unwanted issues.