I love tequila. I wish it was national tequila appreciation day all day every day. So to honor my love of tequila I’ve put together a list of the sexiest tequila drinks around. Enjoy.

  1. Tequila, Fresh Lime, Soda Water


This is my go to tequila drink. It’s extremely basic yet surprisingly refreshing. Every time I order this the people around me always want to try it and usually order it for their next round. Choose whatever type of tequila you like (I usually do silver), add a little bit of soda water, and squeeze about 4-5 lime wedges in there. You won’t be able to go back to drinking anything else. Also make sure it is FRESH lime, none of that Rose’s Lime Juice, trust me it makes all the difference.

2. Tequila, Fresh Lime, Fresh Orange, Soda Water


This drink is of course exacttly like the first drink but with orange. The orange makes a huge differece because orange is known to cut the harshness of tequila. So if you want something refreshing but really can’t handle too much of a tequila taste or want something a little sweeter make the drink above and just squeeze 2 wedges of fresh orange into your drink. Again make sure you are using fresh oranges not orange juice, you’ll thank me later.

3. The Crest


For this drink you’ll need your favorite tequila, Crown Royal, soda water, lime, and agave. I usually pour some tequila, follow it with soda water, 1/2 a tsp of agave, sqeeze about 3 lime wedges in there. I shake it up, pour it over ice and add a splash of the Crown Royal. I use soda water instead of regular water because i find that it tends to break the sweetness of the agave which makes the drink much smoother. Get ready for a super fun night with this drink.

4. The Big Easy


All you’ll need for this drink is your preferred lemonade, your preferred tequila, soda water, limes, tangerine or orange wedges. pour the lemonade first then my tequila so that i can taste to see if it needs to be stronger or not. I then add soda water to it. If you haven’t noticed by now I clearly love soda water and prefer it to mixing with regular water. It brings another dimension to the drinks. After the soda water squeeze a couple of lime wedge into your cup, mix and garnish with either an orange or a tangerine. The bright orange contrasted with the color of the drink will make for a super good looking beverage. If you want your drink to be a little sassy, start with salting the rim.

5. Find-Me-In-Mexico


This drink is super sexy. For this drink (and all drinks for that matter) I really recommend fresh ingredients but if you don’t want to spend a lot of time then go ahead and cut corners. You’ll need fresh diced mango, fresh jalapenos, a couple loose cilantro leaves, some limes, tequila of course, and soda water. Start with cutting up the fresh ginger and muddling it. Strain so that you can get the juice and leave the pulp. Then put the fresh mango, fresh cilantro, the ginger juice you just prepared, and the fresh jalapenos into a cup, squeeze in a couple wedges of lime and start muddling. Muddle until the mango is dissolved. Now add in your tequila, soda water, and ice. Shake it, strain it into a glass, add some cilantro for garnish and enjoy your masterpiece. This drink is a show-stopper.

*Be aware guys that for any one of these you can salt the rim or not based on your preference.