While trading anything for some extra snooze time in the mornings may seem like a deal breaker, runner’s high may have you rethinking things. If becoming a daily runner or one day completing a 5k or 10k has been a goal you’ve just been shy or reaching so many times, try these 5 tips beginners find useful:

1. Buy quality running shoes

A good pair of running shoes will help keep you from getting injured, so invest in some quality shoes from a reputable company. Remember to also replace your shoes when they’ve been worn out.

2. Don’t overdo it

The excitement of starting a new hobby may make you feel like you should run way more than you need to way too soon. Get your body used to running by starting things off slow.

3. Stretch

Do this before and after your run.

4. Hydrate

Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. If you currently keep your water intake to a minimum, make sure you increase it if you’re starting to run.

5. Change up your routine

Running on the same treadmill or same track for the same amount of time every day make you bored of running really quickly. Change things up from time to time to keep your workouts challenging.


Create or subscribe to a running playlist to keep things fun! Spotify Running even has a feature that will find your tempo and play music that matches it.