So what exactly is a ductless heating and cooling system? It’s exactly what it sounds like — no ducts. Instead of a bigger system that uses forced air, a ductless system can be one small outdoor unit or several small indoor units that can heat or cool zones in your home or office. Why would you get a ductless heating and cooling system?

  1. Flexibility

A ductless system can be installed anywhere in your home or business and can replace wall units as well. There is little to no fuss when it comes to installing these systems. A small hole in the wall to connect the outdoor compressor with the indoor unit is usually all it takes. There is no need for patching, painting, or installers walking around your attic to put ductwork in. All of this can be done in one day and in only a few hours.

  1. Money saver

Ductless heating and cooling systems use less energy in general. Since the air is being zoned off to a particular room, you aren’t having to heat or cool as large of a space. This makes these systems highly efficient and will decrease your energy usage. You will also most likely be running your system less because of the smaller area cutting your energy bill costs. According to ENERGY STAR, these systems can help you save 30% on cooling costs alone.

  1. Better air quality


Oftentimes, with central air systems, you need to have them regularly maintained, including having your ducts inspected and cleaned. HVAC installers recommend having your ducts inspected and cleaned every 2-3 years. With a ductless system, you’ll cut out this tri-yearly cleaning. Also, because these systems use a multi-stage filtration process, dust, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens are significantly reduced.

  1. Temperature Control

Since this type of system is meant for a singular room or area, you can control different rooms in your house. Need the kitchen to be cool, but your family room to be warm? No problem. Need the bedroom to be cold, but the bathroom to be warm? Easy. With a ductless heating and cooling system, different units heat and cool different rooms so you and your family can be comfortable in whatever room you’re in.

  1. Noiseless

Ductless heating and cooling systems are often quiet when they are running. They are often using less energy and lower-speed cycles. The outdoor units can often be installed away from windows, patios, and decks offering a quieter environment when they are running.

  1. Carbon Footprint

Ductless systems actually reduce your carbon footprint because they measure at higher energy efficiencies. Also,  the coolant used has zero ozone depletion potential, so throughout the life of the system, it will have less of an impact on the environment.

While a ductless system may not be for everyone, it certainly can help save energy, money, and headaches. Getting a system installed is easy and flexible. This allows you to be comfortable and energy-efficient all on the same day!