Clothes are not the only thing that can be stained by foods and drinks.  Over time, teeth become more and more absorbent and susceptible to staining.   Here are 6 foods and beverages that can be the reason why your teeth are not as bright as you would like them to be.

1. Coffee

To my java junkies,

I am sorry to inform you the beverage that keeps you going might be one of the reasons why you might not be cast in a Colgate commercial.  What causes coffee to be an effective stainer is the acidic polyphenol ingredient called tannin.  Tannin causes the color in coffee to stick to your teeth easily.

2. Tea

If you thought tea would be less of a stainer than coffee, you are in for an answer that may shock you.  Tea can sometimes be more of a stainer than coffee!  Certain black teas are extremely high in tannin, the same staining ingredient in coffee.  There is hope though!  Herbal and Green teas are far less likely to stain your teeth!

3. Red Wine

Isn’t red wine the most beautiful color?  Even though it is pleasant to your eyes, it can be harmful for your teeth.  Like most of the items on this list, red wine is extremely acidic.  Your teeth are not smooth surfaces.  The enamel on your teeth have cracks, pores, and indentations that soak up whatever comes in contact with it.  Acidic beverages weaken enamel and make staining easier.

4. Curry

Indian food is amazing.  There is no doubt about it.  There is also no doubt about the vibrancy in color of Indian food.  The pigmentation of curry is as powerful as the flavors.  From your hands to your teeth, the color from curry will stick to anything and everything.

5. Sticky Candy

The main reason why sticky candy yellows your teeth is not because of the color, but instead the sticky residue it leaves behind.  This residue, that gets caught in all the nooks and crannies of your teeth, is a breading ground for bacteria which leads to tooth decay and major discoloration.  If you have a sweet tooth, try eating something not sticky like dark chocolate.

6. Berries

This one may be a surprise for you, but berries are a teeth stainer.  How can something so good for you, be so bad for your teeth?  Well, a lot of the nutrients and vitamins in berries are beneficial for your health, but the acidity reeks havoc on your enamel.  Despite what many people have reported about strawberries whitening teeth, they fall into the same acid category as other berries.  This means due to their acid content, they weaken enamel and make teeth more susceptible to staining.

Most of the items listed above, minus sticky candy, are good for you.  Although most of these items are stainers, it does not mean eating them will ruin your bright smile after one meal or drink.  If you tend to your pearly whites daily, you can protect your teeth from the impact of the stain-causing ingredients in these foods and beverages above.  If you do that, your chances of that Colgate commercial are not completely thrown out the window.