Do you know wearing the wrong bra can ruin your splendid outfit plus your entire day? A bra that does not fit you well can make you feel uncomfortable. It can also affect your health.

You may end up experiencing headaches, breast pain, skin irritation, and restricted breathing. However, wearing the right bra can help look good, and make you feel comfortable and healthier.

Finding a well-fitting bra doesn’t need to be stressful. Here are six fantastic tips that can help you find your best everyday bra.

1. Choose quality rather than looks

Sometimes it’s fun to wear a cute and cheap bra for special events. However, don’t depend on beauty alone to rise to the occasion day after day. Although premium quality fabrics are often more expensive, it will always be a good investment.

2. Buy comfortable bras

Comfort is key. Therefore, regardless of how nice your bras look, if they don’t feel comfortable, you shouldn’t wear them. Occasionally, a bra will fit from a technical point of view. However, for a possible reason, you may feel uncomfortable in it. Bras are very personal, and you should be picky.

3. Take good care of your bras

Your bras are perhaps the most technical attires you wear. It requires considerable thoughts and engineering to produce top quality and well-made bras. Thus, it’s worth investing in them and taking care of them.

Ensure you rotate your bras: they need to repose for a day or two between wears. Having several bras like six to twelve in your rotation will make them last longer: since the elastic won’t break down quickly.

Don’t toss your best everyday bra in the laundry machine or throw it in the dryer. Wash it after each wear with lingerie soap, which is gentle. A bra dries much faster when it’s hung up, and this will only demand less effort.

4. Buy multiple bras

If you find a bra that you love, get several of them with different colors. But, bear in mind that one style won’t satisfy all your requirements. Depending on your outfit or what you plan to accomplish in it, you may require different bras: a sports bra, a plunge bra or a strapless bra.

5. Measure before buying

Ensure you’re up to date with your bra-size as it can change year after year. Hormonal variations during pregnancy, breastfeeding or menopause, and a change in weight can affect your bra-size. To know your size, use a pliable cloth measuring tape to measure two regions: immediately below your breasts and around the plump area of your breasts.

The initial measurement determines your band size while the second ascertains your cup size. An inch above your band size is equivalent to one cup size. To be sure of your exact size: you can request a sales representative at the lingerie store to measure it.

6. Replace your bras

Depending on the number of bras you have in your rotation: you should consider replacing them after about 6 to 12 months. Usually, bras have a lifespan, after which they start to stretch out and lose their original beauty. Throw away your old bras and make extra space in your wardrobe for new ones.

Choosing a bra that will make you feel comfortable becomes an easy task once you know your preference. With prior planning, you can find the right bra for any event.