Botox is definitely one of the more popular aesthetic procedures due to its excellent and relatively immediate results. However there are a lot of misconceptions about it, and before you actually decide on Botox treatment you should fully understand what it involves.

To be perfectly honest the more research you do on Botox, the better. In general, however, there are five important facts that you must know about.

Age is Not Important

Although Botox is often regarded as a treatment for middle-aged or older people, the truth is that there is no ‘ideal’ age for the treatment. It is FDA-approved for anyone aged 18 or over.

For younger patients, Botox can help smooth out visible lines and act as a preventive measure that stops lines from developing in the future. That is the main reason why it is a common trend for patients in their early 20s to undergo treatment.

It Is Not Permanent

People often assume that the effects of Botox are permanent, and that simply isn’t true. The duration that Botox lasts can depend on numerous factors including your age, skin condition, the amount that you exercise, and so on.

Typically you can expect Botox treatments to be effective for anything between 3 to 6 months. Repeated treatments to the same area have been known to last for longer – but varies from person to person.

Pain and Bruising is Normal

A bit of pain and some bruising is normal when you undergo Botox. The multiple injections that are required can start to ache a little bit, and depending on your skin you may end up with bruises in the affected area.

The initial pain shouldn’t last more than a few hours after the treatment. That being said the bruising may take a bit longer to heal.

Some Recovery Will Be Required

Regardless of whether or not you feel any pain or have visible bruises, you should be aware that some recover is required. It is normally recommended that you allow yourself a few hours to recuperate.

During the first few hours after treatment you should avoid exercise, blood-thinning medications, or lying down. For the next day or so you should try to avoid strenuous exercise as well to give your body a bit of time to recover fully.

You Need to Wait a Few Days to See Results

The results from Botox aren’t going to be visible immediately, no matter what you might think. Initially, you should start to notice the difference it makes after a few days, and the full results may only appear after a week or two.

As time goes by you should first start to see less visible lines in the area that was treated, and you may notice that you’re able to move that area less as well.

It Doesn’t Feel Bad

One of the biggest misconceptions about Botox is that because it ‘freezes’ certain areas of your skin, you feel awful. In most cases that really isn’t true, though different people do have different experiences.

Initially, you may feel a little bit disconcerted when you make certain expressions, but odds are you’ll get used to it in no time and won’t notice the difference after long.

Final Words

Knowing these facts before you get Botox Islington treatment done should help you to understand what you’re getting into a bit better. It may even help you to make a more informed decision as to whether or not Botox is the right option.

In addition to these facts, you should definitely do your research in other areas as well. It helps if you consult an aesthetician beforehand and map out the treatment so that you have a solid plan. Keep in mind that while the price of Botox can vary, bargain hunting may not be the best idea and you should always do your due diligence.