Pregnancy is always a life-changing situation for the expectant parents especially the mother. It may be scary especially for first-time parents to be but the joy that comes with the thought of holding a newborn baby often surpasses any of the negative emotions associated with being pregnant. Being pregnant is never easy since it’s a long and tiresome process. However, there are many benefits of pregnancy such as:

Being the center of attention

The level of doting associated with pregnancy is very high. This gets more intense as the pregnancy grows. Family members and friends always check up on you and even in a crowd with strangers, you’ll stand out as when you’re pregnant.

Special treatment

Pregnant women get special treatment everywhere they go. You get to be served first everywhere you go and you don’t have to queue in places such as banks and other public service provision areas. Pregnancy is also the only way to get free gifts from friends and family. Artwork pregnancy can get let you get a free pass when you don’t complete a task.

You become glowy

Every pregnant woman gets a glowing skin at some point during the pregnancy. For some, it may start as soon as they become pregnant. But for others, it happens later on. Most people dream of having a smooth and glowing skin and they’re often prepared to go to great lengths to achieve it. Pregnancy presents a natural and easy way. It just happens.

It’s special

Other than being given the special treatment, pregnancy in itself is very special. The fact that you have a human being growing inside you is just amazing. The life that you have to nature inside your womb and continue to do so when you finally bring it into the world makes it a very special process. It may be a lot of work but the end result often brings much joy. Pregnancy also gives you some level of expertise if you’re the first in the circle of your friends. It prepares you to give out advice when the others become pregnant later on.

It makes you happy

Reports have often been given of couples that break up due to childlessness. Being pregnant takes away such stress in relationships especially for those who are ready to start a family. Pregnancy also makes you fulfilled as an individual. That’s why most pregnant couples tend to take better care of themselves.

Makes you more responsible

The thought and prospect of having someone else rely on you are enough to make anybody more responsible. Having another human being that you’ll help bring into this world looking up to you for everything is enough to make you selfless. To most people being pregnant means putting the needs of the baby first and doing what’s necessary to become a good role model in all aspects of life.


Pregnancy may have many benefits but it’s a serious condition that requires adequate preparation. Taking care of a baby and dealing with problematic pregnancy symptoms is never an easy task. You have to be prepared for sleepless nights and tiredness that comes from constantly tending to a delicate human being. You also have to be ready for the financial strain that comes with such a responsibility. You have to be ready to give up some of your wants and put the baby’s needs first. A good support system is also necessary when thinking of getting pregnant.