Negativity can be a part of our lives, but it’s up to us to define its scope. Will it flood your head a few minutes a day, or will it terrify you the entire day? It’s up to you to make this decision, but we all know that less negativity is better.

Waking up full of energy and positive thinking is vital for you to succeed. Lots of tips and tricks can be used to boost your morale when you feel like losing control. Here are 6 methods of getting rid of negativity and staying on top of your game.

Stop Victimizing Yourself

You have to stop playing the victim, pal. Nobody’s responsible for your failures and Murphy’s Law doesn’t apply only to you. We all go through a rough time, but it’s up to us to get through them. Many liabilities are out of your control, and you have to acknowledge that. Pointing fingers at everyone around you and constantly complaining about anything bad that happens to you won’t cut it.

Get the right attitude! Face those problems head on, and you will be able to make them go away faster and easier. Unless you do that, the problems you have will leave deep marks that, in time, will get bigger and bigger.

Have a Dash of Negativity

Yes, this might be a bit of a paradox and may have you thinking. “What this guy is thinking about?! I’m reading an article about how to get rid of negativity, and he tells me I need a dash of it. Total nonsense.”

Think of it as a vaccine, this is how they work. You can develop immunity to it by having small periods of negativity. They will help you develop methods of overcoming negativity in your life. You will be able to see the bright side of rough situations.

Befriend Yourself

People tend to blame themselves for everything bad that happens to them or around them. The end result? People tend to be very malicious with themselves. They say things like, “You should’ve done better,” and “You’re not good enough.”

Now, back to our subject, befriending yourself. What’s that supposed to mean? Well, what do real friends do? They boost your morale, and they give you a different and better perspective regarding your situation. Start saying “I could’ve done better, but I’ve tried my best. This is how it ended up, but next time I’ll learn from these mistakes.”. Remember, life is 5% what happens to you and 95% how you react to it.

Write Doodles

I think, during school, nobody liked this but, as we grow older we realize that it is vital for us, and it can have a lot of beneficial side-effects. Some of them are the emotional benefits of writing.

According to James McArthur, Bestessays’ Writer “Writing doodles is a way of putting all your feelings on a piece of paper. It doesn’t need to be something logical, it needs to be something relieving. When I’m angry, I tend to write down everything that goes through my mind. Sometimes I end up with short poems, sometimes I end up with 3 words that have no sense at all.”

Create a Plan to Get Back Up

When feelings are out of control, your mind comes in and cleans the mess. Create a plan to get out of the danger zone. Staying focused on the task ahead will keep you busy, and you won’t have time to think about the disastrous situation you got yourself into.

Before creating a plan you need to set yourself some goals. Let’s pretend you are having a rough time at work. “For this negative period to go by I will need to finish these 5 tasks. My boss will be very pleased, and I will get back on top of my game.”

Use SMART Goals when creating your plan:

  • 5 tasks
  • 2 days
  • Outstanding Quality
  • Sky-High Positivity
Positive People

If it’s raining cats and dogs, you can’t expect to get home dry. You need to surround yourself with positive people. If you keep on telling a person he is no good and his life is a misery, eventually, he will start believing it. That’s what negative people do to you.


If you want to get rid of all that negativity in your life, try to use these tips.  Stop worrying and start acting, my friend. Nobody will do it for you.