In Part 1 of this series, you learned what to get your mom for Mother’s Day if she is an athlete, a bookworm, or a chef. While you can find Mother’s Day cards online for any type of mom, if your mom does not fall into one of the previous categories, here are even more great gift ideas for Mother’s Day based on your mom’s personality type.



If you mom would rather get the newest exciting technology over roses, these gifts will be right up her alley!

  • Amazon Echo Dot(2nd Generation) – Introduce your mom to her newest friend, Alexa.  This voice activated technology can help your mom with everyday life at home.  It can give her news updates, read books, play music, call an uber, order her pizza from Dominos, and more!
  • iPad – Add to your mom’s Apple product collection by getting her the newest iPad.
  • Roomba – What mom doesn’t love someone who can help around the house?  Introduce her to a Roomba that can help her clean up everyday!
  • Google Chromecast – With Google Chromecast, your mom can watch youtube videos and Netflix with just a touch from her phone!
  • Samsung Gear VR Headset – If you have a tech mom that likes embracing her inner child, get her a Samsung Gear VR Headset!  She can escape to different worlds.
  • VicTsing Shower Speaker(Wireless Waterproof Speaker with 5W Drive Suction Cup) – With VicTsing Shower Speakers, your mom can jam out to her favorite tunes in the shower.
  • Smart Watch – Smart Watches are sleeker than ever! With a Smart Watch, your mom has access to her email, text messages, and news updates by just glancing at her wrist.


If your mom gives Beyonce a run for her money, these are the gifts for her!

  • Perfume – Any glamorous mom can’t leave the house without a spray of fabulous perfume.  Go to Sephora and ask a consultant to help you pick out the perfect scent for her.
  • A Watch- A watch is the perfect classy accessory for a glamorous mother.  Take a look at Fossil or Marc Jacobs for great options.
  • Luxurious candles – Sometimes the smell of a great candle can melt the stress from a busy day away for your mom
  • Spa day – Let your mom embrace her inner queen by getting pampered with a Spa Day.
  • A Robe – Bring the spa to your mom by getting her a luxurious robe.
  • Decanters – What classy woman doesn’t love wine supplies!  Get her a Decanter that she can show off when she is entertaining.



These gifts are for a mom that loves to get lost in nature.

  • Crocs – Deck out your mom is the appropriate garden wear with super comfortable Crocs.
  • **Gardening [Tools](** – New tools to a gardener is like new appliances for a chef!
  • A Gardening Bag – You mom can still be fashionable even while gardening!  Check out Magnolia Market for a cute gardening Bag!
  • Tea – Treat your nature loving mom to some delicious lose leaf tea from [Teavana](
  • Essential Oils – Even nature loving moms get stressed.  Pamper your mom with an essential oils kit that will leave her feeling relaxed and stress free.



Here are gifts for that mom that has broken through that glass ceiling.

  • Planner – This is a great practical gift to help your mom balance her activities and engagements.
  • Travel Mug – Travel mugs are a must for a mom on the go.
  • Personal Office Touches –  It is always nice to make the environment one works in their own.