For any rider, motorcycle helmets are the most important riding gear and especially for the first-timers. As per the motorcycle guidelines of Missouri Department of Revenue, you should know your motorcycle to avoid any mishaps. No matter how experienced you are, getting right motorcycle helmets is very important. Here is a beginner guide for you to buy your first motorcycle helmet.

Be aware of the standards

If you are a new buyer, then you should always purchase a helmet from a trusted dealer or a reputed online store. Do not purchase helmets which are not certified by DOT. Websites immediately inform you if their helmets are DOT accredited which means they are manufactured as per the federal guidelines of American National Standards Institute.

Fit and comfort

Sometimes this is where riders have a difficult time because people often buy helmets for its look and not safety. However, the fit of a bike helmet is very important to consider. Helmets should fit tightly near the head so that even if you shake your head, it doesn’t budge. As per a source, your cheeks should puff up for a full face helmet, which suggests that the helmet is a right fit.

Surely you want your helmet to be snug and cozy. But, you also want just your skin to move and not the padding to move against your skin. If this is happening, then your helmet is really big. It has been seen in a lot of accidents, that the helmets of a lot of bikers were lose. It is pointless to wear a loose fitting helmet.

Know about the different types of helmets available

Helmet is the best head protection for bike riders. But, you have plethora of options to choose from and it is very important to know which one will work best for you.

It is always recommended to wear a full-face helmet. The more the coverage, the better it is! Surely you will have your full face covered. But, everyone doesn’t prefer it, so you have other options too.

Half helmets: They have a shell structure which just offers coverage to the top of your head. Use a strap to connect below. Though this helmet is the least safe, it can still offer protection to your head during an accident

Open face helmets: They are more like half helmets, but offer protection for your face too. they protect the side, back and top of your head and can be connected by a strap.

Modular helmets: They cover your entire face, head and chin and have a plastic visor to cover your eyes. They are the safest options as they render protection to your complete head. They are design with front open up for easy communication.

Motocross helmets: They are full face helmets but with higher chin protection as well as a sun visor. They have removal protective shield or not shield at all. You can wear goggles to safeguard your eyes.

Pick the model which suits you best and start wearing one now!