There is nothing better than a trip away with a group of mates. This will always be a barrel of laughs and you are sure to make many happy memories on the trip, but this is also a type of vacation that can be incredibly stressful to organise. Trying to plan a holiday with a large group can be tricky because everyone will have different ideas and there are sure to be disagreements. So, if it is down to you to rally the troops then read on for a few tips:

Take the Helm But Delegate

It is important that somebody takes control of the planning stage but that is not to say that you should be organising every aspect. Give everyone a role whether this is planning travel, looking into activities, finding nearby restaurants etc.

Establish a Budget

It is important to establish a budget early on so that everyone is happy and comfortable with the plan. This will also determine key factors like where you go, accommodation, activities and other aspects.

Book in Advance

Where possible, book as far in advance as possible as you may benefit from deals while also making sure that you can all stick together.


One of the major decisions will be where to stay. It is a great idea to hire a villa where you can all stay so that you can make it a home away from home, eat meals together and generally spend more time together relaxing than if you were in hostels or hotels. This could also be a cheaper option than a hotel when you book with places like Villa Plus.


Food can be tricky to plan particularly for large groups. You may want to go out to eat a few times but for the rest of the time it could be a good idea to get people to cook in pairs or small groups. If you do stay in a villa, doing a big group shopping trip to stock up on supplies is a good idea.


In addition to getting to your destination, it is a good idea to plan ahead how you will get around whether this will be public transportation, taxis, car hire etc. Car hire is often the best when it comes to large groups but just be sure that driving responsibilities are shared.

Loose Itinerary

Having a few activities lined up is smart, but do not worry if it does not go according to plan as there are sure to be times where some people want to do something while others want to stay in or do something else. Flexibility is key with this type of trip and you should also be open to suggestions.

Hopefully these tips will make the planning stage smooth and ensure it is a fantastic trip that you all enjoy together.