Whether you have a party to cater or just don’t feel like cooking this weekend, Papa John’s pizza is a great go-to. Now you can save money and even earn free food with Papa John’s pizza delivery specials.

Papa Rewards

Loyal customers are what make businesses great, which is why Papa John’s wants to show some appreciation with Papa Rewards. You can join by either downloading the Papa John’s app or registering on the website, both of which are free to do. Once you’re signed up, you can earn credit by using your account every time you order.

Earn Papa Dough

When you order, you earn points called “Papa Dough.” How does it work? For every dollar you spend, you get a Papa Reward Point. Once you reach 75 Papa Reward Points, you get $10 of Papa Dough, which you can spend on menu items.

There are a few exceptions to using your Rewards, however:

  • Points are only earned when a full dollar is spent
  • Papa Dough can’t be applied to delivery or other fees, tips or tax
  • Points aren’t earned for spending on fees, tips or tax

Get Free Pizza

Occasionally, Papa John’s creates exclusive offers for Rewards members, such as the Free Large 2-Topping Pizza. By ordering $20 or more through your account on April 15, you can earn a free pizza with your choice of two toppings.

Papa Track

When you’re craving tomato sauce and melty cheese, delivery time can feel like forever. That’s why Papa John’s has a pizza tracking service called Papa Track. You can watch your pie’s progress online or through the mobile app, from assembly all the way to delivery.

Earn Discounts

Do you like paying less for things? Then you’ll love the discounts Papa Track offers. To keep you entertained, the app has a number of shareable GIFs and memes you can browse during your wait. When you post these to Facebook, you can get a 25% discount promo code for use on your next purchase. Even better, this promo code is shareable with family and friends.

Get Delivery Alerts

If you want a notification that your order is enroute, Papa Track offers a Delivery Alert option. By selecting this alert on the Order Confirmation page, you can get a heads-up text or email once your pizza is on its way.


The rewards programs isn’t the only thing that’s been jazzed up. To deliver on demands for big flavor, Papa John’s has added a whole new crust option: garlic Parmesan.

Garlic Parmesan Crust Pizza

Do you love garlic Parmesan bread sticks? Do you wish you could get all that delicious flavor in a pizza? Now you can, with the new garlic Parmesan crust pizza. You can order this new crust with all your favorite toppings:

  • Garden Fresh
  • Pepperoni
  • The Works
  • Sausage
  • The Meats
  • Cheese

You can also customize toppings for the ultimate, flavor-packed slice.

Are you hungry yet? The next time you order pizza, make sure you’re taking full advantage of your Papa Rewards, the Papa Track system and, of course, the newest addition to the crust options.