Adulting is hard, but with a little help from your smartphone, you can get your life a little more organized in no time. A quick search will render hundreds of organizational apps, but here are the 5 we think are most helpful:

1. Mint

Sometimes adult life feels like it’s a never ending cycle of working and paying off bills. Step 1 in adulting - get your financial life in order. Mint helps you keep track of what you’re spending, creates a budget, and notifies you about upcoming bills. According to Mint, “When you’re on top of your money, life is good.” We think so too!

2. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal makes it easy to keep track of the calories you’re consuming throughout the day, and you can also log calories burned through workouts. Rather than logging everything you eat by hand, the app gives you the option to scan barcodes of packaged foods and stores your favorites for easy access. The app also gives you access to the MyFitnessPal community, in case you need some inspiration or motivation from others! Whether you’re looking to lose weight or just make improvements to your lifestyle, MyFitnessPal can help.

3. Wunderlist

Whether you already love making lists or have yet to discover their magic, you’ll love Wunderlist. The app lets you plan for everything, set up reminders, and even collaborate with others to get through your to-do list, and it’s a huge help in both your professional and personal life. Download Wunderlist, and start getting things done!

4. Hopper

When it comes time to book flights or plan vacations, Hopper’s there to let you know when the best time to purchase your tickets is. Book flights straight from your phone without annoying ads and pop-ups getting in the way.

5. Audible

If the adult life has gotten in the way of leisure reading time, you need Audible. Instead of wasting a commute, spend your time listening to the latest bestsellers or catching up with classics your keep meaning to read.