Most people tend to be ignorant and not keen enough when purchasing underwear. This is unlike other clothes that you may find yourself taking much time before you decide to buy. It has been proven that buying the wrong lingerie for your body leads to particular health issues, including cervical cancer for women. Do you take time to look into essential features such as comfort, design, material, and size? See this page to be enlightened on the mistakes you have made when shopping for lingerie and how to do it like a pro.


It is essential to understand the fabric determines that right underwear. Cotton is more preferred than any other kind of material. This is being its texture is friendly to the skin and has a high percentage of material; therefore, it does not soak up quickly. You may opt for other expensive and fancy materials such as silk, but it is not advised to wear them all the time. Right cotton underwear keeps you fresh and clean. Wearing underwear made of inferior material such as nylon may lead to clogging of sweat and bacteria, therefore encouraging bacteria.


Unlike men’s underwear, women have in different designs. Thongs have been the most-shopped underwear online in Australia for the last two years. Made in a manner to not entirely cover the body, those who purchase them find them attractive. They do not know that this type of underwear enhances the spread of bacteria but has contact from the back to the front area. This should be discouraged as well for body fitness. Instead, you should wear full covering underwear or a seamless one. Make sure that breathability is vital when getting the full covering underwear.

Size and fitting

How can you determine your underwear’s size? By measuring your waistline and the hip area, you should develop a perfect fit for your panties. The lingerie should not be too tight or loose. Fit underwear makes your body parts suffocate of fresh air, therefore leading to foul smell. This may be a result of the discharge experienced by women. The edges should be well aligned as well as not to make unpleasant lines on your back.


There are two different types of underwear the high waist and the ones worn before the tummy. It would help if you rocked something that you feel comfortable with. If you have a big stomach, you can opt for the high waist lingerie to tuck it in. Always ensure that you are describing with the help of a picture, especially when purchasing underwear online in Australia. This is to help you settle on the preferred size and design. The elasticity should be considered as well by making sure that it favors your waistline. It is not too tight to allow proper blood circulation around the area. If you put on underwear and find it leaving marks on your waistlines, this is not your fit.

As highlighted above, you must dress your body accordingly. Do not settle on a particular type of underwear just because you saw it without meeting the required features. This is to promote comfort and health fitness.