From Victorian retro to minimalist romance Which era do you love the most?

Since the 19th century, the wedding dress has become one of the most important stylings in a woman’s life. Before the wedding, the wedding shoes will be carefully selected only once in a lifetime. However, with the changing fashion trends, people’s aesthetics for wedding dresses are constantly changing. From the early 20th century, there is still a little Victorian retro style, to the minimalist aesthetics that are now admired, and the wedding dress has also undergone a century of change. Which wedding dress do you like best?

Obviously, the wedding dress of 1915 still has a lot of Victorian vintage elements, such as lace, veil, small turtleneck and gloves are all styles that taste the most of the late 19th century.

In the 1920s, when Coco Chanel rose, her straight-lined women’s clothing has greatly facilitated women’s actions, so this straight-up H-shaped dress has been highly sought after. Second, the veil at this time is also a big look The point is that the veil in the transition period from classical to the new century has a very unique mark of the times. The symmetrical veil is placed on the top of the head and is perfect for wavy curls.

In the 1930s, the straight-up H-shaped dress gradually came to an end, and women re-requested clothing that could modify the body’s curve. The clothing industry that is in this transition period has re-emphasized the straight skirts of ancient Egypt. The style of ancient Egyptian clothing focuses on the sense of drape, so as not to wrap tightly around the curve of the figure, but it can be properly tailored. The flamboyant red lipstick has become a new trend, and the crown decoration has gradually become civilian.

With the popularity of Dior in the 1940s, pinch waist design has gradually become the mainstream dress aesthetic, as is the wedding dress. Although there is no hip cushion in the past, the shoulder pads and corset return to fashion, but it does not return to the deformed aesthetic of the past, but proper self-cultivation. So the wedding dresses of this period are the most elegant and decent.

Of course, women’s wedding makeup is also an elegant way of walking. The favorite of jewelry decoration is pearls.

The European and American clothing styles in the 1950s are no longer single, but the requirements for highlighting female body characteristics are becoming more and more obvious, including Dior high-definition, Balmain customized and other clothing are all pinch waist and skirt expansion design. This style also extends to the glitter shoes, but the wedding dress re-uses the lace. Compared with the high-end satin fabric, the lace fabric is more romantic. The makeup has also begun to be bold, and the dazzling rose red has become the finishing touch of the bride’s makeup for the first time.

In the 1960s, Europe and the United States experienced a period of rapid development after World War II. At this time, the group of young people was extremely large, so the rapid development of young aesthetics, such as mini skirts and pop styles, were popular products at this time. The wedding dress has also undergone major changes, gradually starting from cumbersome to concise, the large area of ​​the lace edge is slowly reduced, and the exaggerated back hem is getting smaller and smaller …

The veil of this period is very attractive, and the fluffy flowering veil is also the most popular in this period. Now many brides are happy to use this veil with a simple wedding dress to add a retro sense.

The 70s inherited the hippie style of the 60s and the disco style of the 80s, so the clothing style of this era became blurred under these two strong contrasts. The wedding dress is in a “resurgence” retro stage, and fell back in love with Victorian elements, such as lace choker, puff sleeves, etc. However, compared to the early 20th century, the wedding dress is much simpler and a little bit more complicated. The taste of Symphony style.

Using garlands as a veil for the first time appeared in wedding dresses, this is also the performance of the yearning for freedom in the 1970s, which is very close to the bohemian style.

Just said that the most popular fashion style in the 1980s was the disco style. During this period, smoky makeup, bodybuilding pants … all kinds of fashion elements that now look unreasonable are piled up in this era. This aesthetic also affects the design of the wedding dress. The wedding dress is still in the Victorian classic style, but the elements used can be exaggerated, such as exaggerated skirt support, layered skirt, a bit of a “zombie bride” taste.

After the madness of the 1980s, the minimalist style began to return to the stage of clothing history. Different from the classic + minimalist shape of the 1920s, the clothing of this period is only to advocate simplicity. So in the wedding dress design, we can see more clean and neat design, compared with the scene of “spicy eyes” ten years ago, it is like a clear spring!

Ten years later, the biggest change in wedding dress design is simpler than it was ten years ago. I originally like to use the A-shaped pendulum to emphasize the grand occasion, and 10 years ago I preferred to use fishtail and tight to modify the female body curve. This half-covered white gauze popular in high-class social dinners in the 50s and 60s has become the favorite of brides who love the minimalist style.

The most popular Sexy wedding night styles today are still simple, but compared to clean ten years ago, it is now popular to use lace as a supplement to highlight the romance of the wedding.