Water is connected to every form of life on earth. Water is a primary necessity. While a human being can survive without food for 3 weeks but can’t go without water 3-4 days. Adequate, acceptable, clean and safe drinking water is a basic need. The United Nation and other countries declared access to safe drinking water as a fundamental human right. The UN-SDG goal 6 states that “Water sustains life, but safe clean drinking water defines civilization”. Safe water is key to life.

  • Provides nourishment-The human body is made of 60% water, and this is the clearest indication of the importance of water. Humans need to be adequately hydrated for their physiological system to function. Safe water helps maintain organ health and allows the blood to maintain the consistency it requires to flow and transport oxygen and nutrients to every cell of the body. Water is the number one source of nutrition and safe water contains the minerals our body needed.
  • The Prevention of disease-Cholera, Typhoid, Hepatitis A all occurs because of the consumption and or the presence of contaminated water. Safe and pure water is essential not only to remain safe but also to maintain good health.
  • Needed for Agriculture and Food Production - Safe and clean water is an essential ingredient for the production of crops. If the crops and grains are given contaminated water, the bacteria and disease will spread to those who consume fresh produce. Water used for growing crops must have come from clean and safe resources.
  • Improved sanitation facilities - Safe and clean water is not just needed for drinking but for sanitation purpose as well. If clothes or the body is washed with contaminated water this too can cause in the rise of diseases. Same in the case of cooking and cleaning and which are an integral part of our daily life. Safe water is necessary for good health.
  • Good for Appliances-Safe and high-quality water is good for your home and appliances. Softened and safe water can save your money by keeping appliances at top efficiency and making them last longer. The amount of dish and laundry detergent you use can be cut by half or even more.
  • It supports Kidney function-Drinking safe water in the recommended amount helps to prevent urinary tract infection and resolve salt and minerals that can lead to kidney stones. Drinking pure water keeps muscles and joints well lubricated. Safe and pure water also helps to reduce various dermatological problems
  • Drinking water keeps you young-Drinking plenty of safe water keeps your skin moisturized and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If you don’t drink pure water, the body will go all out to retain the resources
  • Hydration has a major effect on energy level and brain function. Since many of you can experience many of the painful sensations due to moderate or acute dehydration. Headache is the most common health issue, it happens due to lack of water. The importance of drinking water to the brain has to do with its fluid balance. More than 75% of the brain’s weight is fluid. A large portion in the form of fatty acids. Our metabolism is slowed down by fad diets because the body believes you have a storage of food. The production of histamine is meant to slow you down so that you don’t use up any more liquids.so the benefits of drinking safe water may reduce your number of headaches.
  • Drinking plenty of safe water reduces fatigue. Medical experts always have discussed the importance of drinking safe water who suffer from chronic fatigue.
  • The benefits of drinking safe water apply to back pain, as well. The discs in the back are like little shock absorbers. They have an outer Shell of flexible joint tissue embedded with fluid pockets. They are self hydrating as long as a person taking enough water. When fully hydrated, the outer shell of the disc supports 25% of the weight load and the fluid support 75%. When they become dehydrated, the shell has to support a larger portion of the load causing pain.
  • Your body’s immune system is enhanced when cells are well hydrated. When cells are fully hydrated they produce more repair proteins and white blood cells. This helps to fight infections, allergies, and inflammation. So safe and purified water is the best alternative for our bodies.
  • Drinking safe water adjusts body temperature. Sweating keeps the body cool, especially in hot weather or any physical exercise. If you are not well hydrated, you lose a lot of fluid by sweating and you run the risk of heat.
  • Drinking safe water benefits from the digestive system and helps to maintain your ideal weight. Drinking safe water reduces appetite and speeds up metabolism. If you drink a glass of water before eating your food, you will only eat what you need and will be fully satisfied. Drinking water throughout the day and eating a balanced diet is essential for proper digestion. It improves gut transit diseases such as gingivitis, constipation, colitis, and stomach ulcers, among other things, oral and gastronomical diseases.
  • Drinking safe water builds a shield for your respiratory system. Water hydrates mucous membranes that cover your nose, neck, bronchi, and lungs, reduces the chance of developing a viral and bacterial infection or helps you beat them faster.
  • A challenge to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day is simple if you decide to make it a habit. Remember that the quality of the water is your drink is just important as the amount you intake. Be sure to bring it into safe water resources.
  • Dehydration can cause mouth odor besides food that we eat. Drinking water keeps your mouth clean by washing away food particles and bacteria. Hydration also cleans compounds that oral bacteria create. So drinking safe and pure water ensures good oral health and good breath.
  • A study shows that water increases the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, which raises alertness, blood pressure, and energy expenditure. A study by the American Red Cross found that six ounces of water before donating blood reduces fainting by 20 %.

So make it a habit to drink enough water a day and make sure that should be safe and pure. Make it a point to install a water purifier to provide safe drinking water. There are plenty of options in terms of water filters online.