We have all come across this frustrating and confusing moment, in which we need to have the best tool to carry out a certain job, but we do not have it and we decided to use a replacement that will surely have bad results. It goes without saying that any tool kit is incomplete if you do not have a good quality drill that does not disappoint at the time of the action.

Take into account what you will use the cordless drill for; the use can vary from making simple holes in the wood to trying to open holes in high strength concrete, or concrete, as it is mostly known.

For basic tasks, a cordless electric drill with a rechargeable battery may be the best purchase option. These drills are characterized by not having to be connected to a power network, have a light weight, are easy to use and can be used almost anywhere.

If, on the contrary, you are one of the people who usually perform stronger jobs, or who use a drill very often, then you may prefer those drills with extra power, so your best option will be a cordless drill. In this guide you can make a direct comparison of the best drills today and see which one best suits your needs and your pocket.

Top 5 Cordless Drills

1. Bosch PSB 500 RE

Bosch PSB 500 Excellent high-power percussion drill with great drill range without much effort, the Bosch PSB 500 RE is an incredibly compact drill with a surprising impact capacity, enough power in such a small tool. It is characterized by being one of the best drills to enter the generation of Bosch compact tools, due to the ergonomics and compactness that has the Bosch PSB 500 RE, is attributed to be one of the great tools that gives confidence to the user when using it as a percussion drill or simply for drilling and / or screwing.

2. Einhell TC-ID 710 E

If you are a DIY lover, the Einhell TC-ID 710 E is the perfect drill for you. It is an excellent drill that serves to drill wood, plates, walls, among other surfaces. Excellent power and performance when using the Einhell TC-ID 710 E with a sanding disc, although it usually overheats a bit if its use is extensive.

It has a good power for the price that is being invested. It has a fairly robust percussion function that covers all those areas that are difficult to drill. It serves as an electric screwdriver, has a perfect minimum speed that will allow you to unscrew in record time.

3. Black & Decker - Percussion Drill 710W

It is a powerful drill that has a percussive action and a powerful power of 710 W, 20 V voltages and a keyless chuck. The drill bit size is 13 mm. The Percussion Drill 710W Cd714 brings its drill holder case very useful when moving it from one place to another, the case brings this incredible drill with 5 bits as a gift.

This drill ensures a good job on soft materials and excellent performance on surfaces such as brick and concrete, known as concrete in many other countries.

4. Einhell TC-CD 12 Li Cordless Drill

Powerful cordless drill built to reach and carry out tasks in narrow places due to its resistant chuck easy disassembly, excellent for drilling and screwing on almost any surface and is a product that is loaded in less than an hour. This wireless drill has a solid two-speed metal gear in both directions and has an electronic regulation to adjust the number of revolutions. It has a slim and ergonomic design, and has a non-slip grip to avoid bad times during its use.

5. Bosch PSB 530 RE

This hammer drill has 540 watts of power, capable of drilling and hammering on any surface with optimal results. The powerful Bosch PSB 530 drill has a Soft grip anti-vibration handle much like the Black & Decker Percussion 710W. Its low weight takes it to be a drill with enough manageability to carry out any type of DIY work. The power supply of this drill is by cable, this limits us some accesses at the time of work. Remember that you must always take into account the use and place of work to be able to choose the correct drill.

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