Most of us have seen the Jetsons cartoon and wished that we could have our own “domestic robot”. In The Jetsons, this loyal robot was named Rosie and she did so much to help the family. Today, the dream of a domestic robot is even closer to realization. A next-gen home robot named Aido is more like Rosie than any robot in creation.

In the past, a couple of robots named Jibo and Pepper had Rosie-like elements. However, they don’t hold a candle to the new version. Aido is very technologically-advanced and we’d like to share information about this ultra-modern domestic robot today!

Aido Doesn’t Do Dishes

While Aido won’t keep your cups, plates and utensils sparkling-clean and fresh, it will function as a social “family robot” This robot is able to do so much, from entertaining children to assisting with certain household tasks to taking care of scheduling to protecting a home. The robot is the brainchild of the team at Ingen Dynamics Inc.

Aido is loaded with next-gen features, including superb mobility, a projector for multimedia, home protection capability and the capacity to answer questions and take care of tasks. Your voice will be all that you need to use in order to get answers from Aido! As well, this robot is equipped with the deepest protocols for learning, so it’s able to know exactly what it’s seeing. The robot runs via an open source platform which works with Linux and Android environments.

It’s a robot that can learn! As well, it may be updated in order to suit changing needs and preferences.

However, Aido isn’t available in bricks-and-mortar stores or online retailers just yet. Right now, the makers of this impressive robot are crowdfunding in order to raise money for this unique, high-tech project. The goal of the Indiegogo funding initiative was 75k. To date, crowdfunders have contributed a whopping 545 percent more funding than the 75k goal. New funding will assist the developers with making Aido more efficient before the robot is actually brought to market.

Is Aido Right for You?

Elon Musk warned the world that robots may take over some day, unless we tightly control robotic technology and its applications. While it’s unlikely that Aido will be able to take over the world, the type of technology which was utilized in order to create this family robot is not something that everyone appreciates. If you love robots and want your own “Rosie” from The Jetsons, Aido may be right for you.