As an active consumer, businesses care about your opinions, interests, and feedback. If you’re willing to provide your views on various products, websites, and advertisements, you could earn extra money for your time. Even if taking surveys online doesn’t sound like an exciting way to spend your day, it undoubtedly is an easy way to earn some extra money. The trick is to find legitimate survey panels to join that will pay you for your time. There is where sites like are helpful. They offer online survey reviews based on actual user experience, and rank the top online survey panels based on several categories.

How Online Paid Surveys Works

Once you sign up for a survey panel, you’ll get the opportunity to take surveys on a variety of interesting topics ranging from movies, consumer good, or just places you shop. While each survey panel is different, the general process starts out with a survey invitation that will offer a specific amount of points or dollar amount for completing a survey. If you complete the survey you will get the promised amount deposited into your member account. Sometimes you get screened out because your demographics are not a fit for a survey, and in that case you may get a small nominal amount or sweepstakes entry depending on the survey panel.

One of the better survey panels that does a good job of matching you up with good surveys, and even offers you points if you get screened out is OneOpinion. You can read a full review of OneOpinion at

Getting Paid

Different survey panels will pay their members in different ways. You’re normally able to pick and choose which types of rewards you want. Popular options offer by some of the survey panels are cash via PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards, and gift cards from other retailers like Walmart.

The Benefit

Perhaps the biggest benefit to participating in online paid surveys is being able to earn extra money when and where you want. You can fill out surveys on your smartphone when you have spare time during the day. You may choose to just fill out surveys during commercial breaks while watching tv, or you might prefer to carve out a couple hours every evening dedicated to completing surveys. It’s completely up to you!