Coconut oil has made a name for itself in the past few decades.  To many, it has turned from just another cooking oil to a sweet elixir of life!  It may seem like a fad that will pass with time, but in reality it lives up to the hype.  Here are the everyday uses and benefits of coconut oil.

Hair Care

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In tropical regions, coconut oil has been used for years as a conditioner and hair care product for women.  The proteins and oils promote growth, strength, shine, moisture, and protection.  From damaged ends to lice, coconut oil is pretty much your one-stop solution for any hair problem you might encounter.  Just by massaging your scalp and hair with coconut oil on a weekly basis can drastically change the health and look of your mane.

Skin Care

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Before people could go to the store and by lotion, what do you think people used?  Natural oils.  Coconut oil has been used of years as a natural moisturizer for skin.  The awesome thing about the oil is that most skin types can use it.  It is rare to ever hear of someone getting an allergic reaction to moisturizing with coconut oil because how gentle it is on skin.  Coconut oil’s natural antibacterial and vitamin-enriched qualities make it one of the most versatile skin products out there.  It can help treat eczema, dermatitis, cold sores, and rashes, as well as act as a phenomenal anti-aging cream and makeup remover.  So, maybe reach for coconut oil instead of that $100 face cream next time you go shopping.  Your wallet and skin will thank you!

Dental Care

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Recently, oil pulling has caught the attention of many.  If you are not familiar with the term, it is the use of coconut oil to heal and remove bacteria and cavities from one’s mouth.  Sounds a little crazy, right?  Can a gentle oil really do that?  Surprisingly, it can!  So how and why does it work?   The “how” is pretty simple: swish coconut oil around in your mouth for about 15 to 20 minute, spit it out(in trash to protect plumbing), and brush your teeth normally.  The “why does it work” is a little more complicated.  Biofilm, also known as plaque, is created from the bacteria in your mouth.  The main side effects of biofilm are bad breath, yellow teeth, gingivitis, and cavities.  Biofilm is extremely stubborn and does not leave your mouth normally without a fight, but it might have met its match.  When you swish coconut oil around in your mouth, biofilm gets stuck in the oil and dissolves.  This results in whiter teeth, fresher breath, the elimination of bacteria, and a natural healing of cavities.  By using coconut oil daily, you can same some significant money on your next dental bill.  Give it a try!